Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Update! Update! Read All About It!

Oh isn't she coming along nicely? I feel like a proud parent. Chevron is just growing and growing by the minute. This totally addictive knit is up to a whopping 37"! This has been my commute knitting during the past week and I love seeing people's eyes on the train watching me and wondering how the heck I am knitting it. I had one co-worker ask me the other day, "Oh that is so pretty but where is the light pink coming from?". At the time I was knitting with Backstabber and had Hard Rock inside a bag. My response was, with a smile on my face, "It's magic!". She looked at me strangely, and honestly I would have too, and I then showed her the other skein of yarn. I think she was a bit relieved to know I wasn't loco!

I am so glad that Kim joined me in the Chevron addiction craze! You should check her's out if you haven't already. She's using a great Tinkle color!

CPH is progressing nicely. It's the only project I worked on last night. My sister called me while I was at the gym last night and she actually mentioned in her message that maybe I was not answering her call so I could knit. Like I would ever do such a thing?!?!? At least not to her. LOL

Anyway, you can see in this pic that the hood is moving. I have completed 7" of the 11" needed before decreasing. Woo Hoo! I think I definitely will be making my deadline of mid-October. We shall see. I'm off to unwind, eat and knit!


  1. I just started my evening unwind & I've been starring at your Chevron. It looks a little like a 3-d crocodile now. Quite interesting. The CPH is lokkin fine I must say. I cast on for my 2 fronts together while watching Hero's episode on the computer. (Needed a break form Puff Sleeve Cardi. She was givin' me a cardi-o attack!)
    Lemming Lo

  2. Both look fabulous. Still thinking of a color for that Chevron scarf. Still seaming my CPH. Hopefully we will both be done by mid October.

  3. Wow, your scarf looks great, can't wait until I will be able to make one. CPH is almost done...the end is near. Looks fabulous!

  4. 4 more inches! You're going to make your deadline! My Chevron is growing slowly but once my sweater is done, I can lavish tons of attention on Chevron. I e-mailed Mary Beth that you or she should make a Klumpp Along button. I'm definitely Klumpping along!