Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I'm Having A "Hot Flash"

The correct amount of marinating time for Hot Flash in my stash was approximately 24 hours! I guess I didn't want her to get too cozy and comfortable in there. I just happened to be organzing and cleaning up my knitting stuff last night and came across the pattern that Hot Flash was destined to be.

Since I had finished up Mustang Sally socks, I decided that I didn't want to have to wait to cast on for my new socks. (Waiting = Having to Get Yarn Balled) Before I turned off the lights for the night, I sent a text to Shameka to see if I could borrow her winder today. Of course she came through for me! Thank you sweetie!

The last time a I wound yarn I had a bit of a fiasco, I decided that Hot Flash was going to be wound using my tried and true method to avoid any disasters. I thought I would share with you guys what I go through to ball my yarn. Of course the above pic is of this beautiful yarn hanging off my neck. Isn't it great how I color coordinated my top with the yarn? The pic to the right here is the yarn spread across my floor. I unwrap the yarn from around my neck several times to avoid choking myself to death. Can you imagine death by yarn?!?!?

Then here is the result of my hard work. An almost perfectly wound ball of yarn. (I say almost because nothing is ever perfect in my mind) Oooo isn't the color puuurrrrrtttyyyy?
So while I'm winding away my mind is pondering on why I love STR yarn so much. I asked myself if it was the colorways, the yummy feeling of the yarn, the consistency of the yarn, what? My answer is all of the above. Out of all the yarn I have knitted with so far, this one is my favorite right now.

So let me ask all of you. What is your most favorite yarn you have knitted with up until now and why? It doesn't have to be sock yarn. It can be anything. I'm curious because I know there is soooooo much yarn out there that I have yet to knit with and who knows, maybe I'll get an idea for a future yarn purchase.

Here is what Hot Flash is destined to be. The pattern is called Fawkes and for those of you who are "Harry Potter" fans know who Fawkes is. The pattern is a Socktopia exclusive and I came across it while perusing Ravelry one day back in August. The stitch motif is a rising flame on a garter rib background.


  1. Can't pick only one but the Malagrigo Moebius I made was a joy as is the Classic Elite Beatrice recently acquired for a vest. Good question!

  2. Darling, you know I come through for you anytime. Now, if we can just see about getting you a swift. LOL!!! Death by yarn is not a pretty sight, even if it is imagined.

    My favorite yarnz.
    Laceweight- Malabrigo lace because it is super soft. It feels like you are knitting air.

    Worsted - Although I haven't knitted with it yet, it feels so soft, and the colors are so gorgeous...Brook's Farm Solana which, sadly, you can only buy at Festivals and Fairs. It is also Superwash, which is a huge bonus.

    Sock - Colinette Jitterbug, only because I haven't tried my Socks That Rock yet. (I have a feeling my mind will change soon)

    Bulky - Manos del Uruguay. So many gorgeous colorways

    Super-bulky - Cascade 220, because I already bought so much of it.

  3. Oh, I forgot to add....
    DK Weight - Rowan RYC Cashsoft DK
    Why?? because it is so soft. Why else?

  4. I LOVE how Hot Flash looks all balled up! The Fawkes pattern will be spectacular! Hmm, my favorite yarns to knit with. Sock yarn would have to be Jitterbug, Fleece Artist Merino & STR (but I wish the yardage was more generous with J-bug). I'm crazy for Noro Kureyon but not so crazy about the infamous "Noro knots." Malabrigo is like buttah and the colors are amazing (but it pills easily). Then there is always the tried & true Cascade 220! You just can't go wrong with Cascade 220.

  5. It's taken forever for me to decide my fav yarn. Don't have one. I love different yarns for differnet reasons each time, but I can think of a few that stand out. Needful Yarns Gedifra is an awesome bulky. It knits perfect stitches & is light enough not to smother but heavy enough to be warm & cuddly. (Only draw back is ends don't want to stay woven in.) My fav sock yarn is Knit Picks Risata - very spongy & soft. It feels like wearing nothing, but still warm. (Seeing a trend here. Warm but lightweight w/out being to light.) SWTC Bamboo, a DK, is a tactile delight & has great drapability. Cascade yarns are all great too.