Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A New Knit?

Everyone is talking about Rhinebeck! Can't believe it's only a few weeks away. Well I am probably one of the only few that won't be going this year out of the millions that are. But that's ok because I know there is always next year! Besides I have a couple of personal shoppers volunteering to shop for me. Thank you guys!

Many people are saying how they aren't buying any more yarn until Rhinebeck (at least that is what their mouths are saying, but I think their brains haven't processed that information LOL). So when I saw this yarn online at Blue Moon Fiber Arts I knew it was coming to be in my stash (but it won't be in it for long). I'm one of the few that can make purchases right? I could have easily waited for my personal shopper to try and get me this yarn at Rhinebeck, but I didn't want to wait. I can be a little impatient sometimes. Yes I could have saved shipping $$$'s, but then that would have meant I would of had to wait. Why torture myself?!?!

The top yarn in this pic is the colorway Backstabber and the bottom one is Hard Rock! Love the names and love the colors. I knew right away that Hard Rock was going to be a quick seller. The color combo is awesome.

So what am I going to knit with this lovely yarn? I have decided to use it for the Chevron Scarf from the "Last Minute Knitted Gifts" book by Joelle Hoverson. I am going to start the scarf with Backstabber and it will get alternated with Hard Rock every 2 rows after the initial 4 rows of the first color. Then the scarf ends with 4 rows of Backstabber. I am very excited to start this project. It will definitely be on my needles tomorrow night after I get my balled yarn from Shameka tomorrow. Yes I haven't purchased a winder yet. It's on my list. LOL


  1. I believe that will be a most excellent color/pattern combination. Being more of a green girl than a red/pink one, it's almost tempting to step into the world of pink with those colors!

  2. Love the colors...Im sure the scarf will look great with those color combinations.

  3. LOVE those colors! There must be some knitting ESP going on because I've been trying to pick out some stash yarn for the Chevron scarf. Maybe not ESP, because it is a popular pattern.