Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rhinebeck What?

Rhinebeck is just over two weeks away and my knitting for that weekend is not exactly where I thought it would be by now. Now that I am back working days I definitely feel much better and have recently been getting my knitting groove back. Now the question is can I finish in time? I know what many of you are thinking, but I still doubt myself a bit. This ol' gal is a bit rusty and am now fighting a bit of arthritis in my one finger joint I think. So here is where things are at the moment:

My Texturized Tweed Jacket has been on the needles since last October. I started it right after Rhinebeck last year and I sure am glad I did because at that time I knew it was going to be my sweater for this year. If I had waited to start, I think it never would have come to fruition.

From the picture it looks like I have gotten a ton done. Of course I have but there is still lots more to do. At least that's what is in my mind. I have to finish the second sleeve, pickup for the front button bands and pickup and knit a hue-mung-a$$ collar. The collar I fear will take me the longest, but I am pushing forward.

My other Rhinebeck knit was the Vagabond Fingerless Mitt. This was my go to project a few weeks ago to get my knitting mojo back. It was simple enough for me to focus on during my lunch breaks. I started this what feels like months ago and recently finished one of the mitts. Well not totally finished as you can see in the second picture.

Yup, I still need to do the thumb and weave in ends for this one to be done. I also still need to knit the second one or else I might be walking around like Michael Jackson.

I still have 16 days, so a miracle can happen. We shall see.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

So Much To Catch Up On

I have been MIA from my poor old blog, but I have very good reasons! So much has been happening during the past month that I have barely had time to catch my breath. Where do I start? Well, this is what I have been up to:

End of July I was recommended for a different position within my firm and 3 days after my surprise interview I was offered the position! I have been back on days for over a month now and am so happy!!!! I have paid my dues of working nights and will never ever do it again. I am in love with my new position and am thrilled to have a normal life again.

I have only been home for 1 weekend in August. The rest of the time I have been traveling. I did turn 40 on the 17th and Manny and I went to San Francisco to celebrate. It was the best week ever. I am in LOVE with California. I have so many pictures to share but that will have to wait. The trip needs a post all to itself.

I spent last weekend down in Georgia visiting my parents. I had the trip planned for quite some time so it turned out to be a perfect weekend to be away since the Hurricane came through. I was worried to death about my apartment flooding ('cause it did for like the 4th time while I was in San Fran) and was relieved it was ok when I got home on Monday evening. If the storm had been what they were originally predicting I could have been totally flooded out of my home.

Now that September has arrived, I am turning my focus back to my running. I am trying to run my 2nd NYC marathon this November. I was on track, but since I have been so busy for August my training has taken a hit. I am not giving up though. We will see how things are at the end of the month if I still think it's realistic.

I am hoping to also get my attention back to my knitting. Rhinebeck will be here before I now it and at this moment I will be naked. Can't let that happen.

Until next time...