Saturday, June 11, 2011

Love My Sister

I talk about my sister a ton here on my blog. I love that she and I are so close. We are actually twins born three years apart. While we do have our differences, we have way more in common. Our knitting is just an example of our commonality. We have, and will continue, to knit the same patterns. She just has to mention a pattern to me (and vice versa) and I will take one look and want to pick out the yarn to make it.

MB has been extremely busy with work, but knitting has been happening in her neck of the woods. She shared a couple pictures with me of stuff she's knitted. The patterns are very familiar here on my blog. For I have knit these items too. I am so proud of her that I wanted to share her work here with you.

First up is Selbu Modern. This hat was her first foray into Fair Isle knitting. I think it turned out spectacularly.

After her success with the hat, she began Vagabond Fingerless Mitts. Like me, she is making the mitts to match the hat. And yes, like me, she will be wearing both items at Rhinebeck this year. You won't be able to miss us this year.

I am not sure how much further she has gotten with the mitts, but she has told me she is really enjoying the pattern. Kudos Misa!

So as you can tell, I must love my sister for dedicating a post on my blog to her knitting! I just think her progress was too great not to share with our mutual friends.