Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fellow Bed Mate

Last night I had a new companion to take to bed. I have to admit I was quite taken when it arrived at my doorstep and knew right away I would be going to bed with it. I couldn't wait to explore and see what was awaiting me. I was thrilled and couldn't even wait to share it with my DB that I had to send him a picture!

Look for yourself....

I can't remember the last time I was so excited about a cookbook! My DB is a vegetarian and I wanted to be able to cook a good meal for us. Something we'd both enjoy. I have to thank Marsha for recommending it to me. I knew she would be the right person to ask. Thank you!!!

After spending the night with this cookbook, I knew it was what I was looking for and admit it will get a ton of use. Even if you're not a vegetarian you'd surely get good use out of it. I look at it as a way to eat healthy, even though I still eat meat from time to time. Lots of yummy recipes are between the covers of this beautiful book!

Monday, July 27, 2009

To Have and To Hold

On Friday, DB and I attended the wedding of my dear friend AJ. I still remember the day AJ called me over to his desk at work to show me a picture of the ring he was going to buy for Marissa. I was so excited and touched he shared that moment with me. I was only 1 of 2 people who got to see it before he proposed.

Eleven months later the big day was here. The day went from one where rain was predicted to being one of total beauty! The sun shined down on them in celebration.

DB and I waiting outside the church for the newlyweds to appear.

A beautiful couple!

This kiss went on and on and on.....

The wedding party.

The ultra-happy bestman. His smile was one you couldn't miss.

In the garden at The Manor during the cocktail hour.

Here they come. Love AJ's face!

First dance!

I got caught enjoying the dessert a little too much.

I love this picture.

This was about an hour before we left the reception, and after a few glasses of wine, we tried unsuccessfully to get a picture we both liked. DB was a good sport though. He let me try for at least 5 or 6 photos before he looked at me and said "We'll try again later!". Little did I realize at the time that "later" was a ploy to get me to forget to take a picture. LOL I adore him!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Knitting Updates

Today I met up with Kim and Risa for lunch, had my camera with me, but do you think I took any pictures? Nope. Completely forgot. We celebrated Risa's birthday with a Thai lunch and some knitting. So instead of seeing some pictures of us cool girls knitting, ya'll will have to just be happy with pics of what I've been knitting these days.

First up is an updated picture of the Icarus Shawl I am knitting for a friend. Pretty good progress for a few days work. I won't tell ya'll the time I spent on it. I still remember when I revealed the number of stitches total in my one sweater that was knitted on size 2 needles. Yikes! So I will just tell ya as of right now, Icarus stands at the point where I have one more repeat of Rows 19-42 on Chart 1. Not bad at all. BTW, I LOVE this yarn!

Since I was meeting up for a knitting lunch today, I decided that my sock was not at an appropriate place to be worked on while talking with others. I decided to wind up some yarn I bought at Rhinebeck last year and start a shawl that my sis made out of the same yarn I gifted her. The shawl is Charlotte's Easy Lace Shawl by FiberTrends. The yarn I am using is Persimmon Tree Farm "Pot Luck" yarn. The yarn coloring is slightly different from the one I bought my sis, but it still contains all the pretty fall leaf colors I fell in love with while there.

Finally, here is a better in-progress photo of my latest sock. As a reminder it is the Froot Loop sock from Knitty. I have two more repeats to complete for the leg and then I will be on the heel.

Lastly, my momma is having double knee replacement surgery tomorrow afternoon! I know she reads my blog so I wish her lots of love. You'll be in my thoughts!!!! Momma's goal is to get her new legs going so well, that she'll join MB and I at Rhinebeck in 2010. You go mom!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Helping A Friend

Don't you feel good when you can help a friend or family member out with something? I know I do, especially if it's with something I love. Last week I received an email from an online friend asking if I would be willing to knit a shawl for her to give as birthday gift. I was so completely honored that she asked me! You can ask my sis, I was on the phone with her when I read the email.

I received the yarn yesterday and all I can say is "Oh My Goodness!". It's the Indie II - 45% Cashmere 55% Silk by Little Knits. Yum!!!! I had never knit with this yarn, but I had a good feeling it was going to be a nice experience.

After I finished fondling the delicious yarn, I set to work. Here's my progress so far. I completed Rows 1-42 of Chart 1 on the Icarus Shawl last night.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summit Point West Virginia

Another week. Another weekend past. All I can say is that this past weekend was jam packed filled and came home thoroughly exhausted! A good kind of exhaustion mind you. DB and I drove down to Summit Point, WV on Friday to spend two days at the track so DB could do more riding. Here is our weekend in pictures. There is even some knitting content at the bottom.

Summit Point Race Track:

This is one big bike! DB positioned me hanging off the side of the bike so I could see what it was like when he goes into a turn. It was extremely tough!!!! I think I even screamed like a girl when I thought I was gonna fall off.

Took three tries to get this pic of us.

This is how I spent the afternoon hours on Sunday. Chillin' in the oversized camping chairs. Swwweeeetttt!

Sights along the way:

Saw lots of farm land while driving to the track.

I took this picture at the track at the top of a bridge overlooking the racetrack. I wanted to capture the mountains off in the distance.

Snapped this pic while driving back towards the highway to go back to NY. This is part of the Harper's Ferry National Historical Forest. Absolutely gorgeous!

Knitting Content:

Who is that masked man holding my sock? DB was kind enough to pose with my latest knitting project. I started the Froot Loop socks using Gpysy Girl Creations yarn I bought off of Kim last year. I'm still working on the cuff.

Finally, ya'll remember the Gathered Pullover I knitted last year? Well may it rest in peace. Last fall I had an extensive email conversation with Marsha about the fate of this sweater. We both agreed that it was better to frog and reknit, than leave it as a sweater that will never be worn again.

Until last week I didn't do anything with it. After talking with my sis, I found a new pattern for this yarn. So on Thursday evening, I started the frogging progress. What have I learned from this? That I weave in my ends pretty darn well. Fortunately, I have a lot of patience. As of right now, the sleeves and collar have been wound back into cakes. I am still in the process of frogging the body. Will hopefully have the finished in the next day or so. Thank goodness the body was done in the round.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Road Trip!

I'm off for another fun-filled weekend today. My DB and I are driving down to Summit Point, WV so he can get some more track time Saturday and Sunday. I'm all packed, knitting included. I started a sock the other week so it will be my perfect travel project. I've decided on my sweater for Rhinebeck but will give ya'll the details when I get back in town. Until then, enjoy the picture of the swans DB and I saw swim by at Northport last Saturday.....

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fourth of July Weekend Wrapup

Hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July holiday weekend! I definitely had a fun filled action packed weekend. It's so nice when a three day weekend gives you all that much more time to spend with those we care about and do things you may have never done before. That's what I did. So here's my weekend in review.

Friday my DB and I spent the day up in Monticello, New York. It was a two hour drive from Astoria to get us where we would spend the day motorcycle riding on the Monticello Racetrack. At least my DB did. I was just his Pit Crew. I have to tell you that I had a blast. It was so exciting, and a bit scary, to be amongst all these riders basically christening this track that was open to motorcycles for the very first time. I was able to capture some pictures and even video of our day.

My DB gearing up for his first ride ever on the track.

The Novice group waiting to be released onto the track.

Waiting patiently.

Taking a moment to relax in between sessions in the afternoon.

I was able to get him coming around the track.

Thought this was so cool seeing the bikes come around the bend one after another.

I was also able to capture a few pictures of the scenery around the track...

After recovering from our long day on Friday, Saturday afternoon we took a motorcycle ride out to Northport, New York. It's part of Long Island for those who don't know. It turned out to be another gorgeous day. It was truly summer!

We were sitting on a bench in the shade looking out at the boats. We even saw some swans swim by us. There was a beautiful breeze coming off the water.

Suiting back up to head over to visit with friends.

At a rest area to let my aching legs stretch. BTW, no I did not drive! I prefer being on the back.

We didn't stop anywhere to watch the fireworks. However, as we were riding back to Astoria, we were able watch all the different firework displays as we passed along the highway. It was beautiful.

Sunday was kicked off with a 7.5 mile run in Central Park. Truly an awesome place to be first thing on a Sunday morning. I've officially kicked off my marathon training this year and I am so happy to have a running partner to keep me company during those long lonely runs. After the morning run, exhaustion caught up with us. A nap was definitely needed!