Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Knitting Updates

Today I met up with Kim and Risa for lunch, had my camera with me, but do you think I took any pictures? Nope. Completely forgot. We celebrated Risa's birthday with a Thai lunch and some knitting. So instead of seeing some pictures of us cool girls knitting, ya'll will have to just be happy with pics of what I've been knitting these days.

First up is an updated picture of the Icarus Shawl I am knitting for a friend. Pretty good progress for a few days work. I won't tell ya'll the time I spent on it. I still remember when I revealed the number of stitches total in my one sweater that was knitted on size 2 needles. Yikes! So I will just tell ya as of right now, Icarus stands at the point where I have one more repeat of Rows 19-42 on Chart 1. Not bad at all. BTW, I LOVE this yarn!

Since I was meeting up for a knitting lunch today, I decided that my sock was not at an appropriate place to be worked on while talking with others. I decided to wind up some yarn I bought at Rhinebeck last year and start a shawl that my sis made out of the same yarn I gifted her. The shawl is Charlotte's Easy Lace Shawl by FiberTrends. The yarn I am using is Persimmon Tree Farm "Pot Luck" yarn. The yarn coloring is slightly different from the one I bought my sis, but it still contains all the pretty fall leaf colors I fell in love with while there.

Finally, here is a better in-progress photo of my latest sock. As a reminder it is the Froot Loop sock from Knitty. I have two more repeats to complete for the leg and then I will be on the heel.

Lastly, my momma is having double knee replacement surgery tomorrow afternoon! I know she reads my blog so I wish her lots of love. You'll be in my thoughts!!!! Momma's goal is to get her new legs going so well, that she'll join MB and I at Rhinebeck in 2010. You go mom!


  1. Lots of fun knitting to see there! Good luck to your mom tomorrow. My mother-in-law had the same thing done in March 2007 (we joke that she now has bionic knees), and it has made SUCH a difference in her life--all positive!

  2. Lots of delicious looking knits here. Fruit Loops look super fruity. Mom will be the Bionic Woman after tomorrow...all in the power prayer, positive thinking, & hard work of course.

  3. Icarus is beautiful,the Persimon Shawl colors remind me of a Lotus flower,very pretty colors, Froot Loop socks are very brite and fruity!! The very last thing i did before logging off the puter is check your blog.Thankyou sweetheart so much for your love and support...With all the love and prayers I know everything will go well tomorrow!!((((HUGS))))

  4. Good luck Momma! Keeping my fingers crossed for Rhinebeck 2010 to meet her. Miss Deborah, I might have to flog you for not taking pictures of your lunch with Kim and Risa. Icarus is looking great.

  5. Sending wishes for a speedy recovery for your Mom. Rhinebeck 2010 here she comes. I would love to meet the woman who spawned 2 of my very favorite knitters. Lunch was fun. I sure miss having you in my work hood.