Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summit Point West Virginia

Another week. Another weekend past. All I can say is that this past weekend was jam packed filled and came home thoroughly exhausted! A good kind of exhaustion mind you. DB and I drove down to Summit Point, WV on Friday to spend two days at the track so DB could do more riding. Here is our weekend in pictures. There is even some knitting content at the bottom.

Summit Point Race Track:

This is one big bike! DB positioned me hanging off the side of the bike so I could see what it was like when he goes into a turn. It was extremely tough!!!! I think I even screamed like a girl when I thought I was gonna fall off.

Took three tries to get this pic of us.

This is how I spent the afternoon hours on Sunday. Chillin' in the oversized camping chairs. Swwweeeetttt!

Sights along the way:

Saw lots of farm land while driving to the track.

I took this picture at the track at the top of a bridge overlooking the racetrack. I wanted to capture the mountains off in the distance.

Snapped this pic while driving back towards the highway to go back to NY. This is part of the Harper's Ferry National Historical Forest. Absolutely gorgeous!

Knitting Content:

Who is that masked man holding my sock? DB was kind enough to pose with my latest knitting project. I started the Froot Loop socks using Gpysy Girl Creations yarn I bought off of Kim last year. I'm still working on the cuff.

Finally, ya'll remember the Gathered Pullover I knitted last year? Well may it rest in peace. Last fall I had an extensive email conversation with Marsha about the fate of this sweater. We both agreed that it was better to frog and reknit, than leave it as a sweater that will never be worn again.

Until last week I didn't do anything with it. After talking with my sis, I found a new pattern for this yarn. So on Thursday evening, I started the frogging progress. What have I learned from this? That I weave in my ends pretty darn well. Fortunately, I have a lot of patience. As of right now, the sleeves and collar have been wound back into cakes. I am still in the process of frogging the body. Will hopefully have the finished in the next day or so. Thank goodness the body was done in the round.


  1. Wow...Looks like you got some sun! Im glad you had a great weekend...and you are even knitting again...that is a good sign. You are doing what you love again. I am so happy for you!

  2. I can't wait to see what you do with this yarn!

  3. What a fun weekend and great sights along the way. Hooray for DB for posing with the sock. Motorcycles & knitting, perfect together!

  4. He sure is secure in his masculinity. The sock's hot pink & undeniably girly, lol. Way to go! Looks like it was a lovely weekend trip. Great photos.

  5. Wow, great photos. Doesn't it feel better to get the sweater recycled?

  6. You are one brave gal, and I mean the motorcycles not the frogging. I'm sure I would be too terrified to ride on the back of one of those. Love the pic of you and DB.

  7. I LOVE Speed Racer and the sock- what a great picture. You look great in the ones of you as well.