Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fourth of July Weekend Wrapup

Hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July holiday weekend! I definitely had a fun filled action packed weekend. It's so nice when a three day weekend gives you all that much more time to spend with those we care about and do things you may have never done before. That's what I did. So here's my weekend in review.

Friday my DB and I spent the day up in Monticello, New York. It was a two hour drive from Astoria to get us where we would spend the day motorcycle riding on the Monticello Racetrack. At least my DB did. I was just his Pit Crew. I have to tell you that I had a blast. It was so exciting, and a bit scary, to be amongst all these riders basically christening this track that was open to motorcycles for the very first time. I was able to capture some pictures and even video of our day.

My DB gearing up for his first ride ever on the track.

The Novice group waiting to be released onto the track.

Waiting patiently.

Taking a moment to relax in between sessions in the afternoon.

I was able to get him coming around the track.

Thought this was so cool seeing the bikes come around the bend one after another.

I was also able to capture a few pictures of the scenery around the track...

After recovering from our long day on Friday, Saturday afternoon we took a motorcycle ride out to Northport, New York. It's part of Long Island for those who don't know. It turned out to be another gorgeous day. It was truly summer!

We were sitting on a bench in the shade looking out at the boats. We even saw some swans swim by us. There was a beautiful breeze coming off the water.

Suiting back up to head over to visit with friends.

At a rest area to let my aching legs stretch. BTW, no I did not drive! I prefer being on the back.

We didn't stop anywhere to watch the fireworks. However, as we were riding back to Astoria, we were able watch all the different firework displays as we passed along the highway. It was beautiful.

Sunday was kicked off with a 7.5 mile run in Central Park. Truly an awesome place to be first thing on a Sunday morning. I've officially kicked off my marathon training this year and I am so happy to have a running partner to keep me company during those long lonely runs. After the morning run, exhaustion caught up with us. A nap was definitely needed!


  1. I'm glad you had such a great weekend! I have ridden on a motorcycle exactly once in a my life. My Swiss brother (I lived with a family while attending a Swiss university for a year) took my for a ride on one. He didn't give me any instructions, and I assumed it would be pretty intuitive. So we zipped around on some country roads in the pre-Alps. When we got to our first stop sign, he turned around and said, "You know how you're leaning AWAY from the road every time we go into a curve?" I replied, "Um, yeah..." And he said, "Stop doing that, or else you'll get us killed." OOPS! I really had no idea... :)

  2. Such a senic weekend you had. DB looked so cool and composed, lol. I would NOT get on that thing if ya paid me. Eeek! Just not my thing, but brave of you. 7.5 mi??? Ugh.

  3. so you got yourself a motorcycle man! Scha-wing! He's a hottie! Looks like a really fun weekend.

  4. Wow...looks like you had an amazing weekend! Iam so happy for you...it looks like your wishes are beginning to come true. I remember you saying you wanted a partner that would come with you on your long runs during marathon training. :o) you got it!