Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Still Here

I know it's been some time since I last posted. What could my excuse be? Well I was furiously knitting on a couple of projects ever since my sister visited in October. I think I got caught up in it all. Then I put myself on the Knitting DL at the beginning of November which lasted around 2.5 weeks. Between the combination of typing 12.5 hours a day at work and then knitting like a mad woman, my carpel tunnel symptoms flared. I went to the doctor and have done what I could to make things better. It was hard to put my knitting aside, but I did it. When I picked things back up, I stuck with working on "light" projects like my sock yarn blankie. I'm all better know and moderating my knitting time so the pain in my joints stay away. No more marathon knitting days for me.

Back in October I participated in the Through The Loops Mystery Sock. I have never done one of these before. I was hesitant at first when Kim mentioned it to me. I mulled it over for a bit. I was afraid of not liking the sock once it was done since I didn't know what the pattern looked like. So after looking at the 2009 pattern, I decided I liked it and plunged forward with the mystery challenge. I'm very happy I did because I love it! I managed to finish both socks by the end of October.

Pattern: TTL Mystery Sock 2010 (Rav link)
Yarn: Farmhouse Yarns Fannie's Fingering (Colorway - Plums & Pinks)
Started: October 3, 2010
Finished: October 30, 2010

Next up is the project that put me on the DL. I started the
Texturized Tweed Jacket by Stefanie Japel on October 18. After 2 false starts (knitter error both times), the third time seemed to be the charm. You really have to interpret the pattern to get things right.

So once things got rolling, I could stop! In 2 weeks time I got to the point in the picture. I had really wanted to finish this for Thanksgiving but of course that couldn't happen. Maybe New Year's. I haven't picked this back up yet. So we'll see.

Sock Yarn Blankie hasn't made an appearance here for a bit. I snapped a quick photo of it a week or so ago when I had it all spread out on the floor to pick out some yarn for more squares. I actually have 12.5 rows completed now. I'm also getting to the point where I need to knit up more sock yarn so I have it for the blanket.

Finally, I am attending a knitting Holiday party this Saturday with Shameka. I had joined this knitting group a couple years ago but had never attended any get togethers. When the email came out for the party I noticed it was being held in the afternoon. This was perfect for me and I immediately asked Miss. Shameka if she was going. It was one of those, "I'll go if you go" type of things. So her and I have a date.

One of the cool things about the party is the mystery gift exchange. The rules are simple: you must knit or crochet the item yourself and the yarn must come from your stash. Not difficult. After batting a couple projects back and forth, I decided on the Slouched Tuva Hat. I had the perfect single skein of DK yarn sitting in my stash bin. Within a week I was all done. Hope the recipient likes it!

Pattern: Slouched Tuva Hat
Yarn: Knit Picks Gloss DK (Colorway Doe)
Started & Finished: November 2010 (Can't remember the exact dates)
Mods: I left out some of the repeats because I was afraid of running out of yarn before it was finished. So instead of this hat having slouch, it is fitted. It comes down over my ears so hopefully it will fit someone else.