Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ride Sally Ride

Yes folks, you can believe yours eyes! I have completed a 2nd FO this week. Mustang Sally socks are done done done! Woo Hoo. I absolutely love them.

This was the first time I knitted with Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock yarn and I can't wait to knit with it again. This yarn lives up to its name. It totally rocks! Mustang Sally is turning out to be a popular colorway. Shameka and Deb, as in Chappy's Mom, both bought it this past weekend at Rhinebeck.

So the pattern for Mustang Sally was a combination of a couple different techniques. I chose to knit them toe-up utilizing the way I knitted my Falling Love Socks toe-up and adjusted the pattern/stitch count etc. to accomodate the pattern of 2x2 Rib. This was the first time I ever ventured out to try something like this. I had never ever thought about "creating" my own sock.

Even though I wasn't able to attend Rhinebeck this year with everyone, I did have a personal shopper helping me out. See what Kim brought back to me??? This is Socks That Rock in colorway Hot Flash! The name suits this yarn perfectly don't you think?. I immediately fell in love it with as soon as she showed it to me at lunch today. This is the first yarn I have in Mediumweight from STR. I'm gonna have to let it marinate for a bit until I decide the perfect pattern for it.

Now this yarn here Kim didn't purchase for me this year. A few weeks ago I had been blog "snooping" and came across a post of Kim's stash on her blog. I immediately spotted this awesome pink and black yarn. That's right, I spotted it on the back of the table amongst all the other lovely yarn she has in her stash. I took a chance and asked her if she could tell me what yarn it was. I wanted it, but I didn't even know if she still had it in her stash anymore since the post was from February. Kim bought this yarn at Rhinebeck last year. She told me she would see if they had it this year and if they did she would get it for me. She told me today that the Gypsy Girl Creations yarn didn't come out at Rhinebeck until Sunday and by then she spent all her $$$ (Hmmm I really wonder how that happened?!?!). She so graciously offered to me out of her stash. As soon as I saw it in person today I had no problem whipping the cash over for it. Kim thank you soooooooooo much!!!!! I think I'm gonna make another pair of Monkeys with this yarn.


  1. Giddyup! Them Mustang Sally socks are mighty fine! You are so welcome for the yarn! I love to buy yarn for others almost as much as I love buying it for myself. The medium weight is all I've worked with. I use US1s.

  2. Your socks look great! And, it really IS a beautiful color (grin).

  3. The Mustang Sally color is a yummy color. It looks like cherries in sauce. Can I add that solor to my wish list? There's a summer weight scarf in Vogue that calls for Koigu. I could use this yarn instead. Hmmm...

  4. Mary Beth - Of course you can add this color to your wish list. It's a very popular color that everyone wants. I love it and I am knitting my scarf using the lightweight yarn.