Friday, July 27, 2007

A Little Of This, A Little Of That

Since I have been rummaging through my stash these past couple of weeks, last night I found the ambition to actually organize ALL of my stash and catalogue exactly what I have. I have so many project ideas running through my head and I definitely wanted to know what I could use out of my stash before heading to the store. It truly is amazing when one decides to take on this task because you find all kinds of goodies that you may have forgotten that you had bought way back when. For example, I found a couple hanks of Manos del Uruguay that I know I bought a couple of years ago for a specific project. Now, I can use it for something totally different! When I got home late this afternnon I finished up writing out what I have and now all I have to do is transfer it to my computer so I can assign the yarn to specific projects. I am very organized so having this electronic list will help me in the long run so I get through my stash. That way, once I clear out some of the stash I can have fun shopping for some new goodies!

Speaking of buying new goodies...I had placed an order through Blue Moon Fiber Arts a week or so ago for Socks That Rock yarn. Kim had given me this recommendation and after receiving my order I can not wait to knit with this yarn. The colorways are so rich looking and the yarn is soooo soft!! The picture really doesn't give this yarn justice. One thing that is great about this yarn is that you get 360 yards per skein for a great price! I had a very hard time deciding what colorways to get. I settled on starting with Mustang Sally and Lucy In the Sky. I eventually wany to get the colorway Tide Pool. I spotted it the other day while I was browsing during some downtime at work. I can see this colorway made into Monkey socks.

But the yarn purchasing didn't stop there. Yesterday after work Kim and I headed over to Seaport Yarn (Kim calls it one of her "Yarn Crack Houses"). The last time I was here I ran in & out for some circular needles. I didn't have the $$$ to purchase yarn at the time so I didn't want to drool over yarn I couldn't adopt and take home with me. However, yesterday was a different story! I felt like I was in heaven when I entered the sock yarn room. Ahhhhh, look at the Jitterbug...look at the Lorna Laces....Oooohhhhh the Cherry Tree Hill. I selected and compared, put back and reselected until I had what I needed. I was a very good girl though. I walked out of the store adopting 1 lonely sock yarn by Cherry Tree Hill. The colorway is Contemporary Garden and when I spotted it, I was feeling the Monkey bug biting me. When I expressed my desire to Kim of what to do with this yarn she confirmed that it would look very pretty as a pair of Monkeys.

I have made great progress with my second Falling In Love Sock. Between Wednesday and Thursday I was able to finish the gusset/flap heel and completed 2 pattern repeats on the cuff. This is now my third Falling In Love sock, so I feel this one is moving along nicely. I only have another 50 rounds to do and this pair will be complete. Ooooo, then here comes a Monkey.

Lastly, while organizing my stash and unfinished objects, I came across the very first sock the I ever knitted. Notice I didn't say socks. Yes, that is right. I only ever finished 1 sock. Why you may ask? Well I think it was because when I tried on the sock, it was big on my foot and I got discouraged about completing the second one. Now after looking at the sock at least 3 years later, I realize the knitting of the sock was actually well done. I even did the heel and toe in a different color. I once again tried on the sock, and while it didn't suddenly shrink when it was hibernating for the past 3 years, I didn't think it was as huge on my foot as I remembered. It definitely isn't a sock to wear in shoes, but it could possibly become a sock that I would wear around the apartment when it's chilly outside. So, I am now thinking that I may actually complete the 2nd sock after all this time. It can't remain as a lonely lost sock. Hmmmm, maybe I could find a recipient for this sock that would fill it out better than I do. We'll see.


  1. It looks like you got some gorgeous stuff!

  2. My goodness girl!!! I leave New York for 1 day, and you are beating me at finishing those socks. I am so happy with your socks that rock purchase. The colors are gorgeous. I must confess... I bought some more yarn, but you knew it was inevitable since I agreed to go to Knit New York to get those needles for you. Everything worked out fine, and I didn't buy anything I was not planning to buy. So, we are all good!!

  3. Wow, that's so impressive that you are cataloging your stash. That's something I shoudl do one of these days. Seaport was fun & I can't believe we were both so sensible and restrained in our yarn buying. Not for nothing is it called Socks That Rock. You're goign to love it. Your poor old 1st sock serves a mate. They would make great house socks.

  4. Okay. You are on top of it all with the cataloging. I see some yarn in the pic that I like. Why oh why did I not look at this stuff when I was there??? I would have absconded with some :) I LOVE your lonely sock. It looks so comfy & pretty (I love brown!) Too bad my tootsies aren't bigger. But, definately finish them...could make a great gift to someone later.