Saturday, July 21, 2007

One Project Completed, Another One Started

Miss Ruffles is complete! I tried to finish it last night, and almost did, but around 10:30pm my eyes were telling me it was time for bed. So after I did my Saturday morning chores I was able to sit down and complete the last few rows of yarn that I had left to knit. I even didn't procrastinate about weaving in the ends!

I absolutley love this scarf! The colors are some of my favorites. When I try on the scarf it is definitely long enough to wrap around my neck a couple of times. I wasn't sure if I would be able to because I didn't use the total yardage of yarn required to complete. The pattern called for a total of 432 yards. I only had two skeins of the Moda Dea which totaled 328 yards.

While I enjoy the warm summer weather, I look forward to the fall when I can sport my new scarf. I am very excited to have one completed knitting project under my blog!

So what is next? Well I couldn't wait to start another project. While I was doing the dreaded task of laundry this morning, I started The Sheep Tote (minus the sheep). Once again I shopped in my stash store to see what yarn I could use for this project. I am using one of my favorite felting yarns - Lamb's Pride Worsted; Color M-65 Sapphire. I had exactly two skeins leftover from another tote project to knit up the small version of this tote.

My utimate goal is to finish this tote within the next two weeks. I want to take it home with me so I can felt it along with my other tote in my sis's washing machine. After only working on it for a few hours today, I have made some considerable progress. I am on round 30 of 48 then, I start the top edge of the tote. After that, I will only have the pockets and strap left to do. Hmmmm maybe I could have it done by next weekend???? We'll see. I'm off to knit knit knit.


  1. I'm thinking I should have shopped your Stash Store when I visited. Such pretty yarn is coming out from under the bed at your house. Maybe Shameka has a point on this now, worry about stash later, 'cause later can be so much more fun matching stash to project!

  2. You know deb's in my book blue is the greatest color in the world....

  3. Miss Ruffles looks gaw-jus. Don't worry, I am not far behind. I will post another completed project soon. Wait until this week is over. You will be surprised, my dear. The blue bag looks really nice as well, that is a fabulous color.

  4. This yarn looks blue in the picture but, it actually is more purple. I used this yarn to make Kathy's felted tote bag and I chose it because purple is her favorite color. Mary Beth - you should have shopped in my Stash Store. I'm becoming reaquainted with all the yarn I have in there. :-)

  5. Miss Ruffles is so cute! Very impressed with how much of that bag you got done! Lambs Pride is such great felting yarn.

  6. Very cute bag. I love felting...