Friday, July 20, 2007

Mission Accomplished?

Last week my sister Mary Beth asked me to stop by The Yarn Co. and pick up some angora yarn for her before I came to visit in August. This is one of the yarn stores I took her to visit when see spent a week with me this past April. At the time she didn't buy anything but she did remember about the yarn. Now a project has come up for her to knit and she sent me out to get the yarn. I said sure, no problemo!

Before I headed out for my errands today I gave her a quick ring to see how much she wanted to spend on this lovely angora yarn. From my web research it could go anywhere from $10 all the way up to $45 and I know the $45 yarn was out of the question. We agreed on the dollar amount to spend on it but then all of a sudden a new shopping request came out of the blue. MB asked me to also purchase her 2 hanks of Manos del Uruguay....I pick the color! She said that when she saw the yarn she couldn't choose from all the color choices and told me to pick for her. Wow! Now I have a new mission. Pick out a yarn color that she will use to either knit slippers or a purse or a ...oh who knows what?!?! Just anything that takes 2 hanks.

So now, as I enter The Yarn Co, I keep the mission assigned to me in the forefront of my mind. I don't want to get distracted with looking at the yarn for my own projects. I keep telling myself, "I wouldn't even be in here if Mary Beth didn't need you to go. Be strong." I dutifully find the angora yarn and was left to the task of picking a color. This one was easy. Valeria di Roma in Hot pink. She's knitting baby booties for a girlfriend who is expecting. I could have picked out the basic pale pink, but when I saw the hot pink it was saying "Yes! I want to be made into little booties!"

With one task down, I then head over to the Manos yarn. Look at all the pretty pretty pretty colors. Oh which shall I choose. Since her and I have similiar tastes I figure this will be no problem. I pick a color. But then, I ask myself "Would she like the solid Manos as I have picked out or would she like one of the mutli colors?" So I put back my first pick and choose one of the multis.

Satisfied with my pick, I decide to stroll around the store looking for yarn for some of my Christmas projects. This of course leads me to adding 3 skeins of yarn to my basket for myself. I have to tell you that I did very good because I only bought for one gift right now. I could have purchsed 3 more skeins for a second gift but I decided against it because I can always go back and get it after I finish the first gift.

With my basket ready to head towards purchasing I look down at the Manos yarn I picked out. I am now thinking that mabe I should have picked out one of the other multi color yarns instead. So I mosey back over to the huge Manos table, put back the hanks I had in my hand, and began to ponder the choices again. Standing at this table for another 10 minutes I say to myself, "Now wonder she wants me to make the choice for her. She couldn't decide and now I can't decide." I finally made the deicision and picked out a hank that contained several colors that I know she likes. Manos del Uruguay #109 was the winner!!!!

So Mary Beth, I hope you approve of what I bought!


  1. OMG! That Manos is exactly the one I almost bought in the 1st place! The main problem was that I thought I needed 3 skeins & it was just too much to spend. The second issue was I loved too many of the colors & just couldn't commit to just one. (Hmmm? I didn't realize I had monogomy issues. ;) Thanks Deb. You accomplished the mission set before. You're officially my new personal shopper.

  2. I just have to say one more thing...I am so excited! I really want to use those yarns RIGHT NOW! Yeah, too pretty.

  3. I think the Manos yarn is beautiful as well. And the hotpink angora...I may just have to get some myself for a nice hat for the winter... or maybe some fingerless gloves. Hmmm.. I'm so confused. I guess I gotta finish something before I open my mouth about creating a new project. I don't want Deb to scold me. LOL!!!

  4. Oh, one more thing. If you needed a sugestion for a second pick for the Manos, I think Mulled Wine #118 is gorgeous. Of course, you know I get weak for pinks and purples.

  5. Love the colors of the Manos...Some other suggestions if you needed a 3rd opinion is #106 Autumn; #109 Woodlands; #113 Wildflowers. Thse are colors I bought for my "Fiesta blanket I want to knit of which i need to start...Shameka I can really relate to you in a big way, I have lots of stach very little finished projects...LOL Love the hot pink angora, what little girl baby or not , does'nt need some hot pink in the closet...

  6. Excellent choices! That sounds like me at the yarn store, picking up skeins and putting them back, them picking different ones, then putting those back and so on. I bought. I went hog wild this weekend & bought 28 skeins of yarn!!!! I'll be posting on it probably tomorrow.

  7. Kim - OMG! That's alot of skeins. I can't wait to read about it on your blog. Hmmmm I wonder how many skeins are for socks?!?! LOL