Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lunch Time Knitting

Is there really a better way to spend your lunch break other than knitting?!?! I think not! Kim, my new knitting friend, and I spent our sunny day lunch break together outside my office building chatting, knitting and of course observing all the people around us. For instance, today we tried to decide if this older gentleman was wearing a toupee or not. Once we saw the back of his head the decision was a yes!
This was our second time being able to knit at lunch and of course this time I remembered to bring my camera. I really love the socks that Kim is knitting now. It's a basic pattern but the fun is seeing how the self-patterning yarn works up. It's always a surprise because you never know what you will get.

I finally started the second sock on my blue Falling In Love socks. I actually started it on the Long Island Railroad train on Sunday when I was heading out to Amityville. I met a very nice man (could have been my grandfather) who was fascinated with my knitting. He told me it was wonderful to see someone creating something with their hands. By the time I got to my stop I had almost completed the toe. Later that afternoon I picked my sock back up because I was excited to start te cable/lace pattern. I was quickly disappointed though. Somewhere in my knitting I was short 1 increase. I thought, no problemo, I back off of few rounds and fix it. Well, a couple of rounds turned out to be about eight before I realized my missing increase was in round 6. Mind you I was already on round 20 when I noticed the issue. I immediately ripped the whole sock off the needles and started over. I now think back about how this error could have occurred, ya know because we all are "error" free in our knitting, and I remember the grandpa sitting across from me. I must have lost track of what I was doing while I was mesmerizing him with my knitting. In the end I am back on track with the sock. I am currently on round 26 of 35, then I start my increase on the gussett/heel flap.

As for my Felted Sheep Tote, I have made alot of progress. Last night I finished the body of tote and began the first side pocket. I have about 6 more rows to complete on the pocket and then I will start the other end pocket. I am definitely going to have enough yarn to also knit the side pockets onto the tote too! I am really excited about this project knitting up fast. It will be ready to go in my suitcase next week.


  1. Yesterday was fun and I'm looking forward to more lunch knitting today. There's nothing better than hanging out with a similarly obsessed knitter! I love it when old geezers say how glad they are to see someone making something by hand! Too bad his niceness caused an error!

  2. I am so sad that I missed out yesterday. But hey, just because I am home sick does not mean the knitting stops. I have fixed my Central Park Hoodie sleeves, and am on the second repeat of the pattern in my socks. Deb, I know you must be so proud. I will post pics as soon as I can.