Friday, July 13, 2007

Felted Tote Bag - Almost Complete!

Several Christmas' ago I decided to knit alot of my gifts. The one item I felt all the ladies in my family would love was the Felted Tote Bag by Two Old Bags. In a total of 3-4 months I ended up knitting, and felting, four of these bags (plus I knitted myself one while I was home visiting over Christmas for a total of five). Each one was unique in that I chose to use a different color and brand of yarn for each bag. I used Manos del Uruguay, Cascade 220, Lions Pride Worsted and I know there was a fourth but it is totally escaping my mind right now. Anyway, what was totally cool about doing a different yarn for each was seeing how each one felted. The winner of the best felting yarn was definitely the Lions Pride Worsted. My sister and I were amazed how easily this yarn felted in comparision to the others.

After some time had passed I set my sights upon knitting another one of these bags for a close friend as a surprise. Unfortunately my friend got ahold of the pattern and decided to knit one for herself in the colors she wanted (hers was really cool because she decided to use multiple color yarns to stripe the bag making it really unique). So I decided not give this bag to her anymore. I would do something else.

So to this day the bag is about 90% complete. I am half way through knitting the first strap. Well I am hear to tell you that this bag will be unfinished no more! There really is no excuse since it is sooooooooo close to being done. Besides, if I finish it before I go visit my sister in three weeks I can felt it in her washing machine, instead of risking it at the laundry mat (which by the way I did for the very first bag I completed) I really couldn't have my sister felt her own Christmas present, right?


  1. Ha, ha, ha! I did felt the rest of those bags just in the "Nick" of time for your presents. ;) Okay, looking forward to felting the newest when you come visit. I love this bag. I want to make a new one. I have my other two filled with projects.

  2. Lambs Pride is the best felting yarn. I made a felted tote for my Mom out using many colors of Lambs Pride. That's an impressive number of felted totes to make in 3-4 months. Wow.