Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Using My Stash for Miss Ruffles

My mother has made it (actually she's made two - one for me, the other for herself). My sister Mary Beth has made it. Even my niece Tori has made it. Now it is my turn!

This scarf pattern is called Ruffles and is by Amanda Blair Brown. What is so unique about this pattern is that it utilizes short rows to get the yarn to ruffle around itself. When I first saw the scarf I was like "Whoa. Is it difficult?". Once I saw the pattern I knew it was a piece of cake. This is definitely a mindless knitting project. I have been alternating working on this with my other ongoing projects because sometimes when I'm on the train I want to knit without really thinking. Plus, I got some really strange looks the other day when I pulled out my cable needle for working on my socks. It's amazing to see other people so amazed at what you are doing.

Anyway, when I decided to start this project the other week I immediately went to my stash to see what yarn purchases were awaiting for me. Several years ago I had bought the yarn that I am using. It originally was meant to be turned into arm warmers, but it never happened. Probably because I made my arm warmers previously out of Koigu that I absolutely love.

The yarn that I am using is Moda Dea Sassy Stripes. Everyone else who has made this scarf in my family has used a solid yarn or one that is evenly heathered in two colors. But, I on the other hand had to be different and try out a self striping yarn. The yarn is heathered and sometimes you'll get just a spot of red in the pink or white and in others a nice bulk of it. I don't think I would like it as much if it were just a regular striping yarn with no "texture".

As of today I am about 35% done with Miss Ruffles!


  1. This looks soft & pliable, just like Tori's does in the sport weight cotton she used. The finer gauge yarn is awesome. Mine looked more "stiff" even though it was a very plush wool. I'll have to do a striped one in the future, because it looks so interesting. Very pretty!

  2. MB - This feels just like it looks. I am looking forward to knitting another one in cotton. When you told me Tori's had a sheen from the cotton it sounded very pretty to me. I can't wait to see it in August!

  3. It was great hanging out with you & Shameka yesterday. Let's do it again when the weather clears up. Ruffles looks even better in person! I've seen this pattern before and the vareigated yarn is awesome!

  4. Deb's - I love the ruffles, the color is fab! I have'nt finished mine yet, i better hurry up and get it done before you come home in August.My needles will be flying in the car all the way to MB's!

  5. The Ruffles scarf looks very similar to the potato chip scarf. I think that pattern is free on knitpicks but instead of short rows it's based on kfb. The scarf is very pretty, I like the colors.