Saturday, July 14, 2007

Felted Tote Bag - Ready to Go

So I am wondering why the heck it took me two years to finish this bag?!?!?! I spent an hour and a half this afternoon finishing the second strap and grafting in all the yarn ends. That's all it took! I guess procrastination was my biggest problem when I left this bag unfinished. But that doesn't matter anymore because it is one step closer to being completely done and ready for use.

So MB, thanks in advance for letting me utilize your washing machine when I come home in August. You know you are the felting pro!

This is now my sixth tote bag and I feel I can knit this pattern in my sleep. I think I need to move on to another pattern now. What shall I tackle next? Hmmmm....Suggestions anyone?


  1. Yeah for an almost FO! There are so many awesome patterns out there, it going to be hard to decide. If you're knitting more socks, I'd highly recommend the Monkey pattern (Fall or Winter 2006

  2. My next tote is definitely going to be the Sheep Tote. I already have the yarn from my stash. I can't wait to knit the monkey sock. I love the Jitterbug yarn you are using for the pair you were working on yesterday!