Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Miss Ruffles Update!

While I was sweating in the train station this afternoon waiting patiently for my train to whisk me home, I made more progress on Miss Ruffles! By the time I got on the train and landed at home base I finished the first skein of yarn. I am now ready to work-in my second and last skein. Woo Hoo! I predict Miss Ruffles will be complete sometime next week. That means I will be able to start another new project! Right?!?!?! Miss Shameka is so kindly balling three skeins of yarn for me tonight, and yes it is even yarn from my stash for two new projects, so I will be able to start something new this weekend.

BTW, Kim (from Yarny Old Kim), Shameka and I met up for our first mini lunch time knitting group on Tuesday. While I knew I was meeting up with Kim, Shameka didn't so she wasn't prepared with her knitting project. Next time she will be though, right Shameka? Anyway, it was really cool to hang out with Kim and be able to get to know each other a little better while knitting. The next sunny day we'll have to meet up at our spot again! Hmmm, I wonder which Monkey sock Kim will be knitting?!?!?! I also forgot to bring my camera with me so next time I'll snap a pic of our little group and post a pic.

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  1. It was fun! I had my camera with me, but I totally had camnesia. If it's nice out tomorrow, I'll be on the benches knitting at 1. I wonder what your new projects will be???