Thursday, July 12, 2007

Falling In Love Socks - 1st Pair!

About two years ago I decided I was going to knit my first pair of socks. I was very excited to take on this new challenge. I eagerly found a "simple" pattern, purchased my yarn and double pointed needles and sat down one afternoon to embark on this new knitting adventure. Lo' and behold, to this day I only have one sock done. While the sock was completed and looked good, it was so baggy on my foot (even despite making it fit the length of my foot properly), I became discouraged with knitting socks.

Now, I have literally "Fallen In Love" with knitting socks again. For the past few months I had been watching my knitty buddy Shameka knit these beautiful socks. What intrigued me the most was that they are knitted "toe-up". I loved the fact that you could really try on this sock as you knitted it (and in my mind, get a perfect fit). At the end of May I had confided in Shameka that I was interested in purchasing the Colinette Jitterbug yarn that she was using for her socks but in the color Fire. This is when I told her I was going to make the "Falling In Love" Socks too. She offered to go by Seaport Yarn and pick up the yarn for me. What I didn't expect was that she gave the yarn to me as a gift for my college graduation. She even surprised me with it by posting it on her knitting blog. I was so excited I couldn't wait to begin!

It only took me three weeks to complete both socks! I love them and really can't wait for the cooler weather to come so I can enjoy wearing them all the time. I've already started working on a second pair now in a different color.

So now I'm just waiting on my dear Shameka to finish her first pair!!!


  1. Welcome to blogging! Once you catch the sock bug it really is LOVE. My 1st attempt at socks were a complete disaster too. Your Fire socks looks awesome! Jitterbug is one of my top 3 favorite socks yarns (the other 2 Socks That Rock and Fleece Artist).

  2. These are really pretty. They really look store bought; they fit so well! BTW what felted tote bag are you working on? Curious minds want to know...I am a felted anything junky!

  3. Hello, Deborah! Your socks look just fabulous.


  4. Hi,

    Welcome to the knitblogging world! The socks are lovely.

  5. Deb's, Lovvvvve the socks....I must have the instructions for them.Bring them with you when you come home in August.I will have to get some Jitterbug yarn,it looks fabulous! ((((hugs))))Mom