Wednesday, August 1, 2007

More Than A Knitter

Besides knitting, another creative passion of my is scrapbooking. I have been an addict scrapbooker since 2001. I indulge in this habit with my sister Mary Beth and my mom. We have been known to have scrapping parties way into the night when I come home to visit. As with knitting, it's alot of fun to been able to have someone to share scrapbooking with. Last summer I introduced my bestest closest girlfriend Lisa to scrapbooking. Her and I are very similiar it's knida freaky, but I knew she would love this hobby as much as I do.

This past Saturday, Lisa and I managed to spend the entire day together scrapbooking. We hadn't been able to do this for about a month so we were long overdue for a get together. What's great is that we can bounce ideas off each other and give important advice when needed ("Should I mat this photo? What stickers do you have that will go with this spread? Does this background paper look good?"). We always know when we have a good day scrapping if we get at least 2 spreads completed. So needless to say, we have a fantastic sessions! We both completed three 2-page spreads each (mine including journaling). I have upload the ones I completed. Take notice of the spread I did about my first pair of "Falling In Love" socks! It's great that I can knit and then scrapbook about what I knitted. It's a double pleasure!
  • Spread # 1: My completed socks
  • Spread # 2: April 06 I competed in the International Hustle and Salsa Competition down in Miami. This spread is when we actually got to finally spend time exploring South Beach.
  • Spread # 3: I participated in my first ever biking adventure. I hadn't been on a bike since I was a teenager and decided to complete the 42 mile organized bike ride thru New Yorks 5 Boros with my friend Marck. He's been riding for many many years and I applaud him for sticking by me on this ride.
Here are some pictures of Lisa in action! I don't think she was too thrilled that I snapped them, but I had to capture the moment. I assured her that I wouldn't post any pictures that were not flattering of her. We have this agreement about scrapbooking pictures of each other too. Who wants to look like crappyola in a permanently preserved memories album?

Yea my Spread Counter got to increase by 8 pages! Mary Beth and I presented ourselves with a New Year's resolution of trying to complete 208 pages (That is - 104 two-page spreads, 2 two-pages spreads completed a week) in a year. We had done this the year before and it really helped us get through scrapping alot of our older photos. So we thought we would try again this year, but with a more steeper completion amount. Who knows what number we'll end up with at the end of 2007!

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  1. I am so impressed by how awesome those spreads look! gorgeous! It's like the pages of a beautiful coffee table book. I am going to ask you to demonstrate the Hustle at lunch today! You are my hero for competing in a hustle contest. That is too cool.