Tuesday, August 14, 2007

In My Knitting World

I honestly do not know where the past few days have gone! I've been wanting to get these photos up of all the fun stuff I knitted/completed while visiting my family in Myrtle Beach but I haven't had the time or energy. I've been feeling kinda blah the past couple of days. But alas, I knew no matter what, or how I felt, I would post them tonight.

So here is the before photo of my completed Felted Tote Bag (green) and Felted Sheep Tote Bag (sapphire minus the sheep) right before they hit the washing machine together:

And here are the final results:

I would first like to thank Mary Beth, my bestest sister, for taking the time to felt these bags for me the night before I got on the airplane to come back to NYC! I know we were both exhausted from our day at the beach and evening of shopping (I know it was a "tough" day for us, but hey somebody had to do it, right?). Mary Beth did all the felting work while I captured the experience on camera to scrapbook (Be on the lookout for the completed spread in the weeks to come). The bags turned out beautiful. I am officially crowning my sis as the "Felting Queen". I can't wait to start using them.

So what else did I do while on vacation? Well I completed knitting this small soft drawstring pouch(from "Last Minute Knitted Gifts" book). I knitted this little project up so fast that by the time I was going to put up a progress bar, I was already done with it. I knitted this using yarn from my stash. I had one remaining skein of Plymouth Indicita Alpaca leftover from a shrug I made a couple of years ago. I ended up gifting this bag to my boyfriend yesterday. I had bought a couple of Myrtle Beach souveniers for him and wrapped them up in this. I am planning on adding some lavander (his favorite scent) to the empty bag to keep as a smell goodie next to his bed.

Oh yeah, I also worked on my Monkey socks. This picture is the stage my sock was in when I left Myrtle Beach. Country Garden has all 6 repeat patterns completed in this pic. As of right now I have finished the heel, flap and working on the gussett right now. I'll post an updated picture later. I am really loving the way this yarn is knitting up. The colors are truly beautiful. I can't wait to finish the pair so I can wear them.

I also started another Christmas gift while I was away. It's almost done. I ran out of yarn just before the end. Shameka had used the exact same yarn that I am using for this gift so hopefully what bit she had leftover will be enough to finish this project. If so, I will have 1 completed Christmas gift and many more to go!


  1. Don't worry Deb. I have come to save the day. I have the leftover Debbie Bliss in my stash, that I will give to you so that you can complete the project. I know that the recipient will be thrilled when they recieve it. Thanks for helping me to attack my stash. Oh, and for the record, I just bought some Jaeger sale yarn at Jimmy Beans Wool to make my sweater-vest and two children's hats.

  2. You are the Felting Queen! Such cool bags! I am at the exact same spot in my Monkey sock. Your CTH yarn is making a fab monkey. I won't be out at lunch today (conference call, ick) but we should knit tomorrow for your birthday!!