Friday, August 10, 2007

I'm Back!

Ahhhhh. I have returned from the land of Sand and Sun! Let me tell you it was very hard to leave the beautiful sunshine of Myrtle Beach, SC this afternoon and return to icky ucky rainy 66 degree weather here in NYC. I truly had a wonderful relaxing time visiting my family. Mary Beth and I as usual did our sisterly bonding fun stuff. Ya know knitting, scrapbooking, sunning and partaking in our Mellow Yellow habit. Thank goodness I can only get Mellow Yellow in the south. I'm an addict.

So now that I have returned to the northernly lands, and an unflooded apartment, I need to do that nasty chore of unpacking. Uggghh. I got lots of knitting stuff done and can't wait to update you all with lovely pictures. I will say that last night MB and I did felt my two tote bags and they are lovely. Can't wait for them to finish drying so I can use them.

I'm off for now. Gotta get stuff done so I can rest up for my 5K race tomorrow morning at Shea Stadium!


  1. Good luck on your race tomorrow. I guess you may be too tired to make it to the BBQ, but it's all good. We can always have our knitting meeet up at some other point. I applaud you for having the drive and stamina to run those races. Have you heard about the woman who knitted the longest scarf while running the marathon? She did take 1 hour longer to finish, but now she has a world title. I think you should give her a run for her money and beat her at her own game. LOL!! I can be so mean when I wanna be. Haha!! But, finish this marathon first without the knitting. I wouldn't want some really long scarf getting in the way of your projects. Can't wait to see the pictures.

  2. Welcome back! Can hardly wait to see the felted totes pictures. Is Mellow Yellow like Mountain Dew? Is the Mr. Pibb to the Dr. Pepper?