Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Shhhhh Don't Tell

Today was my first day back in the office since being out sick the beginning of this week. While I am feeling better than I have during the past week, I am not quite a 100% but I can tell I am on my way. My head isn't spinning as much as it has been and I'm not as fatigued.

Anyway, last night I did cast on for my second Country Garden Monkey sock. I only did the twisted rib section before hitting the sack with Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows (I am almost finished!).

So I just have to tell everyone that I really did work very hard today. Honest. During my 10 shift I managed to get four of the six pattern repeats completed. I'm telling you, it really took a lot out of me! I don't know if I can handle another hard day like today. LOL One thing that I noticed about this sock is the pooling of the blues and pinks on the diaganol. I love it. As of this writing, I have completed the fifth pattern repeat. It seems like I'm sailing with this second sock. Yoo Hoo!

So I was reminded a few weeks ago about this blue sweater I started last winter. I am completing the Pretty In The City Romantic Sweater from the Family Circle EasyKnitting Winter 2004/05 issue. I have even had the yarn to knit this sweater since Winter 2004/05. I have yet to successfully knit a sweater that I like on me. So when I started this one I was very optimistic. I was really on a roll with the back. As you can see from the picture below I am actually almost done with it.

Some may ask why I haven't completed this sweater yet? My answer is that I am stuck on the pattern. Fortunately my sister Mary Beth happens to have this exact same issue so when I was having difficulty interpreting the pattern she was a quick phone call away. After three phone conversations, I still couldn't figure out what the problem was. I even checked online to see if there was a correction to this pattern but I had not luck. The Family Circle EasyKnitting website is now someone's blog. Ugh.

When I go home for the Christmas holiday I plan on packing this baby in my suitcase. My sister and I will figure out what the deal is. I really can't wait because I really love the style of this sweater. I just hope it actually fits when all is said and done. So until then, this is my UFO sweater in hibernation!


  1. Hmmm.. someone has an unfinished sweater, and keeps adding new projects to the list??? Am I rubbing off on you Deb? And here I am thinking that we don't get to spend enough time together. LOL!!! So, when are you starting the Central Park Hoodie? Should I start my second one at the same time?

  2. Hmmm....How many projects have I completed? LOL As we discussed a few weeks ago, this sweater is on hold not because I don't want to work on it, but because the pattern written has issues and I can't figure it out. But trust me, when I conquer the issue, this sweater will be whipped out in no time!

  3. Did you check on Ravelry? A friend of mine was having problems with a sock pattern and I looked on Ravelry and saw that everyone had problems with the sock.

  4. Yeah! You started the other Monkey! Glad you're feeling better. Sucks about the pattern problems. It will be a really lovely sweater when it's done. Bad naughty pattern!