Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ding Dong! Delivery...

When my doorbell rang tonight I knew who it was, I only hoped he had in his hands what I have been waiting for all week. At the door of course was my landlord. He receives my mail and delivers it to me everynight. It's kinda like having a doorman but I don't have to tip him during the holidays.

What did I hope he had in his hands? Well I am patiently awaiting for my yarn purchase from Knit Picks! I can't wait to start my Central Park Hoodie. Anyway, as I looked out through the door I realized he didn't have a package big enough to be my yarn (I purchased 12 skeins for the sweater and 3 skeins of sock yarn) and I thought maybe the Jiffylite envelope contained a purchase I made for my Secret Pal that I am spoiling in SP11. I received my mail from my landlord and plopped on my couch, where I had been knitting by the way, and took a closer look at the envelope. I quickly realized that this was not the package I had been waiting for, but it was a package from my Secret Pal who is spoiling me. I was so excited I couldn't wait to open it. This was such a suprise!!!

After I carefully opened the envelope I quickly caught a whiff of lavender! Mmmmmm. As you can see from the first picture everything was beautifully wrapped in lavendar tissue. It was a lavender themed package. The card is so adorable. It's of a girl knitting mittens. How appropriate! I was first going to read the card but quickly I realized my pal listed out what was in the wrapped packages. I immediately stopped reading and began to unravel what was inside of this lavender tissue.

From the picture below you can see how fantastic this package is! I love everything. I can't wait to try the Lavender Dryer Bags. It's going to make everything smell so heavenly. The lavender soap was made by a soapmaker near where my pals lives. The Cascade Pima Melange yarn is lavendar in color (I have never seen this yarn and will have to think of something special to knit with it). It's so soft too!! Lastly, my pal included some Peppermint (my favorite) and Tazo Honeybush teas. Yum!

I have to say that my secret pal definitely put a huge smile on my face tonight! Thank you soooooo much Brytomart!


  1. I'm so glad that package arrived safely (nice mail service you have at home!) and that you liked everything. It was fun to put it all together for you. I'm looking forward to sending more goodies your way in the coming months! :)

  2. Hey Deb,I hate to sound dumb, but since I'm not a knitter myself, I don't know what SP11 is can you explain please? That's pretty cool how you got all those goodies bases on your personal favorite things.

  3. Lisa you don't sound dumb. There are even knitters out there who don't know what it is. I didn't until I met Kim and read her blog. SP11 is Secret Pal 11. This is something I signed up for along with a few hundred other people. I am assigned a pal that I anonymously spoil over three months and I in return receive a pal who spoils me. In Nov with our last package of goodies sent to our spoilee, we reveal our identity. There was a list of questions we had to answer, which is posted on my blog, so our pals could get to know us better. We also email our pals. Of course to the ones we are spoiling we are anonymous. The 11 stands for the fact that this is the 11th time SP has occurred. I'm having fun with it.