Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fifth Avenue Mile

The weather could not have been more perfect for a road race yesterday! The highs were in the low 70's. This race (Continental Airlines Fifth Avenue Mile) is the shortest race offered by the New York Road Runners Club and it is one of the best. This is the only time runners get to race down Fifth Avenue. The race is only a mile, but there sure is a hill you have to climb and once you reach the top it is all downhill to the finish line. This is the second time I have run this race and I love it because you don't hold back. This is the time to see just how fast you can run a mile. While I can say my finish time was much faster last year, I am not disappointed with my 9:00 minute mile yesterday.

As for the knitting front, I have yet to block CPH. I started to do it yesterday and realized my method of pinning the pieces to towels was not going to work. I need to get a board in which I can push the pins into so the pieces will stay in place. I am disappointed because I really wanted to block, seam and start that hood. Now I am not sure when that is going to happen.

So in the meantime I have been knitting furiously on the Provence Throw. As of yesterday evening I have worked 21.5" of the 55". I just started my fourth skein of yarn and it's starting to get a little weight to it. I'm still planning on lugging it around for my train knitting right now.

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday. sister's kitten came home on Friday night. She was able to get her from the woods around 10pm. Kitty was out for 11 days and she is very happy to be home where she belongs. Hopefully she learned her lesson. I am so happy for Mary Beth and Kitty.


  1. I block my sweaters on top of my mattress (w/ just it's mattress cover on.) It works great since it is stable, large, & pinnable. Try it, you just might like it too!

    Yes, Kitty is doing good. She's so scrawny, but eating & sleeping a lot. She'll look like herself in no time.Got to love the humane cat trap. Worked like a charm.

  2. Nice picture. Glad you had a great weekend. It was beautiful weather for your run.

  3. You go girl! Did you happen to see the spinners in Central Park for Spinout 2007? I second Mary Beth with her blocking on the mattress comment. I usually put down a blanket or quilt and block on top of that. I've also heard those foam interlocking blocks (for kids) works great for blocking, but I haven't tried it myself.