Saturday, September 1, 2007

Central Park Hoodie Underway

Today it all began! After knitting my gauge for the Central Park Hoodie yesterday, I decided to start it today. At first I didn't think I would be able to start the hoodie until I freed up what was on my size 6 needles. These needles were being occupied by a Christmas present that I am knitting. After taking Shameka's suggestion into consideration, I decided to take the needles from this project so I could do the ribbing on the sweater and then put the 6's back on this project. After the ribbing I change up to a size 8 needle. This is one great thing about working with Boyle interchangeable needles.

Now, did I think I would complete the four inches ribbing today? Nope. But guess what? I did! Here it is. As stated in my last post, I am knitting the front pieces and the back piece together all in one piece. I thought this was going to be confusing but after knitting the first couple of rows I found it to be easy. When casting on, you cast on 1 less stitch from the right front, 2 less stitches from the back and 1 less stitch from the left front. I have just started the cable pattern (not in photo).

Since I had finished my Monkey socks this week, I was anxious to begin another pair. After me not being such a sock knitter, I have gone to being one that feels weird when I don't have a pair going! I decided to finally knit with my Blue Moon Fiber Arts "Socks that Rock" yarn, colorway Mustang Sally. I am absolutely loving the color in this yarn. It is so rich and beautiful. I wanted to do a simple pattern to show off this yarn. I decided on doing a toe-up sock with a simple 2x2 Rib pattern. I am currently up to the point where I need to do my increases for the gussett/heel. Before I do this I snapped Mustang Sally's photo today chillin' in the flowers in my front yard.

On a final note tonight, I completed one of my Christamas gifts! So that leaves me with two in progress right now. Of course, this isn't everything that I am knitting for the holidays. Hmmmm, gotta look at my list and see what is next!


  1. Hey!!! I can't believe you didn't wait for me!!!

    Nah, just kidding. The beginning of your hoodie looks great. I am so excited. It is going to be so beautiful. Don't worry... I will be done with my Teal one soon enough, and my new yarn comes the day after Labor Day. But,I know you will finish yours first, since you got a head-start.

    As for your socks...I have to meet up with Mustang Sally so I can have one too. That colorway is gorgeous. And I think it will match the hoodie too.

  2. Giddyup! Msutang Sally is looking so gorgeous. What a great colorway! You're whipping through CPH. Believe it or not I have nothing on the needles right now (finished my sweater and the sock I started on vacation)! Too tired to cast on for the seocnd sock tonight, but first thing in the morning I will. Feels weird to have nothing going .

  3. Shameka - did you really think I was going to wait for you to finish your first CPH? Wasn't going to happen! LOL

    Remember you probably shouldn't meet Mustang Sally until after Rhinebeck! Just keep in the back of your mind while your shopping that you want to get some.