Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Mustang Sally Has A Heel Up On CPH

I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend! It's a pity we can't have holiday weekends all the time. Can you imagine just how much knitting we would all get done???

So how did I spend my day off on Monday? Well, I spent the day with my boyfriend and he decided he had wanted to really clean out his house. Ya know, organize alot of things. I was rearing and ready to help him and when I asked what I could do he told me, "Nothing. Why don't you sit and knit?"! Wow. So, I positioned myself on his couch armed with my knitting projects. I sat and enjoyed knitting while feeling the wonderful cross breezes coming through the windows in his house and, of course, watching him clean. He really is a great boyfriend!

Saturday I finished up the 4" of ribbing on CPH. While I was on the Long Island Railroad heading out to my boyfriends, I managed to complete about 20 rows of the pattern. By the end of Monday I completed another 12 rows of the cabling (I also worked on my Provence Throw). The picture below shows what CPH looked like after working on it last night. I need to work the pattern until the piece measures 14" before starting the armholes. Right now I am at almost 11.5". I am absolutely enjoying knitting CPH. This is such a quick knit!

Mustang Sally sat to this side all weekend. Last night I worked about 5 rounds of the foot. I didn't progress any further after that because I needed to figure out the math for the gussett/heel. I decided I wanted to do the one I did for Falling In Love socks but the stitch count was differnt so that is why I had to do some math. During some downtime I had at work today I figured it all out. Instead of knitting on CPH tonight, I wanted to get through the gussett/heel on Mustang Sally. So thus, Mustang Sally has a heel up on my CPH!

I must say that I am really liking how the 2x2 rib pattern is coming out on this sock. I am very happy that I chose this simple pattern to showcase this beautiful yarn. Isn't it funny though how this pattern is making my sock look really long in the foot? Believe it or not, it's not any longer than any of my other socks. It fits perfectly! Thank goodness because I was a little worried. Whew!

Now I am ready to complete the cuff which will all be in the rib pattern. I'm aiming to have sock #1 completed by sometime Friday!


  1. You make it look so easy Deb. Wow... you got a lot of the body done in just a week. The color and stitch definition look great. I am so glad that I inspired you. So where shall we go to show off our sweaters, once they are done?

  2. Your boyfriend sounds like a keeper! I also think you may have robot hands as you get so much done so fast. I'm a bit slow to catch on but I'm detecting a red theme in your current projects. Can hardly wait to see these in person!