Monday, September 10, 2007

It's Bootie Time

So it's been a few days since I have posted. I really haven't had too much knitting content to add since Thursday. I mean, do you really want to see every inch I add to my CPH or Provence Throw? I didn't think so.

However, as of today, I have made some knitting progress. First, I completed Christmas Gift #2 and I am 50% done with Gift #3! I actually feel like I am finally making headway on my Christmas knitting. I'll be casting on in the next couple of days for Gift #4. BTW, I plan on posting pictures of all the gifts after Christmas. It will be a suprise for everyone. It wouldn't be fair of me to talk about these gifts without showing them to you in the end. Right?

Remember that Baby Hat and Booties I am knitting for my girlfriend who was expecting? Ya know, how I finished the hat but was on a quest for a new bootie pattern? Well, I took Kim's suggestion and searched the world of patterns on Ravelry. I struck gold! When I found Anne Bud's "Better-Than-Booties Baby Socks" patterns, I knew instantly this was what I was going to use. Ann wrote five bootie sock patterns for the Fall 2000 Interweave Knits. Three of these patterns were compiled into a PDF which I was able to download. I can't remember from where, but I can go find out if anyone wants to know.

As of August 30th my girlfriend had her baby. Now I need to go visit them real soon and I can't go empty handed so on Sunday I kicked my butt in gear and casted-on for the "Ruffle Ribs" baby sock. I finished it this morning at work. Even though I'm not too crazy about the yarn I used for this, I think it turned out cute. I had fun knitting it and the construction of this sock was pretty knifty. I'll be knitting up its mate starting tonight! Can't you just imagine how adorable this will look on a little baby foot?

On Friday night Shameka came over to my place after work for a little knitting. Even though she got to my place late (darn traffic), we had fun knitting until midnight! I devoted the whole evening to working on Christmas Gift #2 and Shameka split her time between working on her CPH and making me some stich markers! Aren't they pretty?

Now that I made some progress on my other projects, CPH will be picked back up again this week. I have about 5 or so inches before I start the armhole shaping. I hope to have some updated photos of it by the end of this week.

Oh and before I forget again, I want to give a great big huge thank you to Kim for tagging me as a "Rockin' Girl Blogger"!!! You are so sweet! I will wear the badge proudly!


  1. Just for the record- I'd not be opposed to every inch of CPH!

  2. I am terribly inept at posting my progress on my projects on my own blog. (LOTS of my's there!)Therefore I live vicariously through others & their blow by blow pics. OK?! Anywho, I want some stitch markers (yo gusto!)...& I don't want to make them. I have way mucho going already. (Micah's in Spanish & I am eating & breathing it here!)

  3. Oh, and those are the most adorable socks ever! I will be making them for my friend Leslie for her new baby on the way, too.

  4. Congradulations on the headway you made on your Christmas knitting. The baby socks are very's nice that you did the socks instead of the usual baby booties...considering you have been on a sock kick lately anyway :0)

  5. I love the booties! Please do post where you found the pattern!

  6. I'd be happy to see inch by inch photos of your CPH. That is the cutest wee bootie. I'm thinking of knitting some booties for a friend who is soon to become a parent. Love love those stitch markers Shameka made for you!