Monday, September 17, 2007

Moving Right Along

I have made some great progress on my CPH. After running around on Friday and finishing up some chores, I spent the evening curled up on my couch knitting CPH. I managed to finish all of the Back on Friday night and completed the Front on late Saturday morning. It really looks like a sweater to me now and I am so excited. I told my sister the other day that this is the first sweater I have made that I can actually see me wearing!! Tonight I am going to spend time on the Left Front. I should be able to knock it out in no time since I worked out the kinks and row math already for the other sections. After that I've decided I am going to knit both sleeves at the same time. I've never done that so any words of wisdom to those who have would be welcome.

So what else did I do? Oh yes, I casted-on for the second baby bootie sock on Sunday during my train ride to Long Island. Between an hour knitting on the train yesterday and about an hour this morning at work, I managed to complete all the way through to the heel. After I work on CPH, I am hoping to finish this little baby up. BTW, Mary Beth, I can understand your pain in regards to knitting your Traveler's Socks. These booties are on size zero needles and I always feel like one is going to snap in half when I k3tog or p3tog on this project. However, I figure there isn't much to these socks that I could deal with the dpns. I surprise myself sometimes!

Here is the completed, or almost completed, Mustang Sally socks. I actually finished them on Thursday at work but I couldn't take them off the needles. First, I had forgotten to bring my little thing of notions so I had no needles to do the sewn bind-off. Second, if I had had my notions I still wouldn't have been able to bind-off because about 17 rows down the back of the sock I noticed I purled a stitch instead of knitting it. And it's not like I carry crochet hooks with me all the time because since I am a knitter, I don't expect to be needing a crochet hook. But alas, on Thursday I did. There was no way I was going to frog back 17 rows. Nope. Wasn't going to happen. I wanted to drop the one stitch down 17 rows and crochet the stitch back up to the top. So, I managed to fix the sock on Saturday but I still haven't done the bind-off. Simply because I have never done a sewn bind-off and am not too sure about it. It reminds me of seaming and I suck, ooops I mean stink, at that. If I'm not too tired I'll get to it tonight, if I am then it can wait another day.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. On Saturday my girlfriend Lisa came over and I taught her how to knit. We covered the long-tail cast-on, knit stitch and purl stitch. This is actually the second time I've sat down with her. Back in the spring she started knitting and practiced but then stopped. Now she has seen all the great stuff we create and it perked her interest back up. I sent her home with a homework assignment and I can't wait to see how she does with it. I had pics to post but unfortunately I accidentally left my camera in Long Island, so sorry Lisa, I will get them to you as soon as I can.


  1. Just so you know, I regularly look forward to your CPH progress. I'm not doing mine in the round- I'm up the back-about two more inches to go. Will you do the sleeves in the round?

  2. The sleeves are very easy to do two at a time. I think you will do just fine.
    Oh, for the increases, I interpreted the pattern to do the increases on the wrong side (once every 8 rows). I just decided to do mine on the Right side, because it just made more sense to me that way. Everything came out fine. One row off is not gonna kill you. And I used KFB for my increase.

  3. No problem Deb about the pics of my knitting lesson on Saturday. BTW thanks so much for taking the time to sit down with me again. I really appreciate it.

  4. CPH looks more and more like a sweater every day! Doesn't it feel great when you just know that a sweater is going to fit great & will be something you'll love wearing. You can wear CPH and your Mustang Sally socks.