Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Provence Throw & A Child's Growth Spurt

During my train ride home today I had an interesting thought occur to me. I was knitting away on my Provence Throw. I have been using this as my "Lunch Time Knitting" and "Train Ride Home Knitting" project lately. At lunch if I am lucky I get 2 to 2.5 rows done (we only get a 30 minute lunch break). On the train home, I manage to get at least 4 complete rows done by the time I arrive at my stop. That's pretty good to me considering I work across 204 stitches. While I was packing my knitting up in preparation to de-board the train, I took note that my throw looked noticeably longer. Then for some reason my next thought was, "Hmmm when I looked at it earlier today at lunch it didn't look too much longer than what it had been. Then tonight it had noticeable additional length just by doing 4 more rows. It's like a child's growth spurt! They go to bed one height and then in the morning you just happened to notice they grew." I know I am strange in this thinking, but these are the kinds of things that run through my head.

So as you can see, I have now completed 13 inches. I only have 42 more inches to go until it's done. I feel I am definitely making progress with this even with only knitting about 8 rows a day. If I keep this pace everyday, I do not see why I won't have this done by December!

As for my CPH, I did manage to complete the 6 inches of the Left Front. For some reason, about a half hour into my knitting I got extremely tired. Hmmm I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that I get up at 4:30am to be at work for 6am to work a 10 hour day???? Nawwww, it couldn't be. So I stopped on CPH and crawled into bed to read a couple more chapters in the book "Good Guy" by Dean Koontz before I went off to snooze land. Tonight I will finish up the Left Front for sure. Will post an updated pick on that hopefully tomorrow.

BTW, I thank those of you who have shown such great interest in the knitting of CPH. I didn't realize it and since you want to really see the inch-by-inch blow of it I will continue to post updates no matter how minute they are. As to answer Sophanne's question in her comment yesterday, I haven't decided if I am going to do the sleeves in the round or not. I will look at the pattern instructions tonight and make a decision. I would really love to do it because I am one individual who really dislikes seaming. I do it when I have to, but if I can work a way around it, I am down for it.

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  1. I know just what you mean about the growth spurt thing. It always surprises me. I knit & knit and the size seems to stay the same, then suddenly it's bigger. I too dislike seaming. Ick