Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sleeving Through The Snow

When I opened my front door on Friday morning this is what I saw. Those are the steps leading up from my apartment. I quickly captured a picture of the perfect snow on the top step before my landlord decided to get out the shovel. This would have been the perfect day to stay in bed with a good book and some knitting. Unfortunately I had errands to run in the city.

Oh I bundled myself up nice and toasty warm and braved the city for a couple of hours. It snowed/sleeted all day long and I believe we ended up with 6-9 inches total. One of my errands took me up to the Road Runners club to pick up race numbers for the Saturday morning "Al Gordon Snowflake 4 Mile Race". How perfect that it decided to snow for this race. However, when I got to the club they informed everyone that because of the weather the race was turned into a fun run. Meaning it wasn't going to be a timed run.

Therefore on Saturday morning we didn't head into the city (all the way up to 102nd Street) to particpate in the fun run. Instead we ran in Astoria Park in my neighborhood. I have to tell ya'll. This was the first time I have ever run in snow/ice covered surfaces. What a workout! The majority of my 4.5 mile run was done in the street around the park but some of it had to be done on the sidewalks. That is where the roughness came in. While I didn't have and slips or falls, my muscles definitely feel the workout today. It's amazing how a slight difference in terrain can work one's muscles differently.

I did manage to get some knitting in this weekend. Here is Knitty Thermal's Sleeve #1. In this picture the sleeve is not yet complete. However, as of an hour ago it is off the needles with the ends woven in. I managed to finish it off while watching one of my Netflix movies. I actually thought I would have finished it yesterday when I put in "Letters From Iwo Jima", however, that movie was subtitled. Duh! I had no idea. So of course no knitting was accomplished for those 2 hours and 20 minutes. I haven't quite mastered knitting, watching a movie and reading subtitles all at the same time.


  1. The thermal looks good- I can't wait to see it finished. This is the first major snow this year in the city, yes?

  2. wow look at all that snow!!!send some our way, we have'nt seen any at all:>(.your knitty thermal is looking beautiful.So glad you got thru your race with a spill:>)..luv ya Mom((((hugs))))

  3. with out a spill sorry for typing error

  4. The snow looks very pretty when it's yet pristine. We've been cold/hot/cold lately. Which is why the flu is running rampant here, I think.

    Exercise change ups can be a great thing for the mind as well as the body.

    Thermal is so close to being finished for you. Yay!

  5. Good for you for getting a workout in despite the weather. Your Knitty Sleeve looks great!

  6. Thermal looks great! I spent snowy Friday knitting a sleeve too.