Monday, February 11, 2008

Hat O' Death

My weapon was completed. It was loaded. It was mailed. All on Saturday.

The pattern was released to all of us "Hat Attackers" at 9am EST. I myself took my time in plunging into the creation of my weapon. I first went to the gym and returned at 9:30am. I then casually printed the pattern and gave it a quick perusal (as any other assassin professional would do). At that moment I realized I needed fuel before hunkering down to my task. With my hunger being satisfied, at 10:20am I focused all of my attention to the pattern, my needles and yarn.

I ended up documenting the completion of my task by photographing the weapon with a watch every so often. This being the scrapbooker coming out in me. I won't bore you with those photos and just get to the final product.

Completed Weapon Stats...

Pattern: Binary Cabled Hat (pattern will be available to the public after Hat Attack is over)
Yarn: Cascade 220 (1/2 skein)
Needles: Size 6 and 8
Time Started: 2/9/08 10:20am
Time Finished: 2/9/08 2:04pm (mailed shortly thereafter)

Now I am in the waiting game to see when my assassin will strike. I fear it will be soon. Very soon. On my assassin's Ravelry page, she don's a completed weapon. Hmmm. At least I know I struck my target before my demise. Muuuaaaahhhhh!


  1. OOO! Jason B. you're so deadly & your hat looks WAY better then some I've seen on blogland. Did you overnight your package??? I hope yours hits 1st. Now I know who Kim was referring to when she told me some people had there hats done already, lol!

  2. Kill or be killed! Yeah, I'm glad you got your hat in the mail before receiving one. I mailed mine today. The package waiting for me at home turned out to be from the Loopy Ewe and not my assassin! I'm still alive.