Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A FO Wrap Committment

Look what I finished yesterday? After weeks of it lurking in my knitting bag I finally committed myself to finishing the Peapod Baby Set. During my quiet time yesterday morning at work, I got out all the necessary tools to sew in the sleeves. Amazingly it didn't take me long, especially with the excellent lighting here in the office. The sleeves probably took me no more than 30 minutes.

I didn't have much to finish on the hat. I had to work the Leaf Lace Finishing chart and decrease. All was going well until I finished the chart and had already worked a good deal of the decreases. This is when I noticed a mistake I had made with the decreases. I was too far along to rip out so I made it work for me. But in my mind this hat is a total Fudge Up. Ahhh well at least I can say it is finally done. The buttons need to be sewed on though. Last night I couldn't find my sewing kit so for the picture I just placed the buttons where they will be.

Sunday night I decided to pick Juno Regina Wrap up for a little bonding time. Majority of the charts for this knit consist of 10 rows each. I am currently up to chart 3 and as of last night (not reflected in this picture) I had worked the 3rd of 4 chart repeats. This knit is actually going really really well. The saving grace on this knit is the stitch markers. I move them as I need to as I knit and this is what is making it move faster for me now. I am loving how it is working up.

So as of Sunday night I told myself that I would commit myself to doing at least 10 rows of knitting on it every night. This is very doable for me.

There is only one thing that I really don't like. Look closely at the color of yarn. Now look even closer at the color of my interchangeable needles. What do you see? Yes folks. It just so happens that the color of my needles matches exactly to the dark green color in the yarn. It didn't really sink in until Sunday night when I was having a little trouble seeing the yarn on my needles. I can't wait to get myself the Knit Picks Options needles!

Stay tuned guys. I'm gonna have a little surprise for ya maybe tomorrow evening, but should definitely be by Friday!


  1. I love how that Peapod set turned out! What size did you knit up? And what yarn did you use?

  2. Peapod looks great! Would love to see how it looks on the luck baby it was made for. The wrap is turning out well too. Wow looks like you've been getting alot of knitting done. Can't wait to see what your surprise is.

  3. Marsha - I knitted the 6 months size and used Knit Picks Shine sport. A nice cotton. Love the feel and look of it in this pattern.

    Lisa - I know what you are saying about seeing the baby in it. Gonna have to work on that one. You know what alot of knitting means in my world.

    The surprise is a good one for me at least. Some may care less. We'll see. :-)

  4. Nice job on the Peapod set. I thought you'd already finished it! I had a similar needle problem when I used ebony needles and the yarn was very dark. Not a good combo. Love the green!

  5. Peapod is so cute! You are just chugging along with FOs

  6. Nice. Peapod looks very good & it's the perfect baby boy color. (I sooo hate pastel baby clothes.)

    It's so nice when lace is done in doable sets. I work on lace (& the Thermal)the same way. X amount of repeats must get done before I put it down. Makes the progress very visible.

  7. The peapod set looks gorgeous, even if you say you fudged up the hat. It is still super cute.

    The juno regina is looking great too. You are giving me the itch to pick mine up. I think I have made it up to the second set of repeats. However, I am toiling away at my should-have-been-wearing-this-by-now-vest. I like the commitment you made to your Juno Regina. I will make a commitment to knit at least 3 inches a day on my vest. You inspire me, Deb!!

  8. The Peapod Baby Set is sooo cute! You're going to go for the knitpicks set are you? The metal or the crazy rainbow colored wood ones? I was reading some reviews online and people either loved the colors or hated them. I love the idea of not having a zillion circulars.