Thursday, February 7, 2008

Go Ahead...

So I have to first thank my big sister, Mary Beth, and Misa for tagging me with "You Make My Day" award. I know I am a few days late for acknowledging this from my sister, but it seems like everything is running late or slower for me these days. But alas, I am now thanking you both for making my day with this. You both certainly have put a smile on my face and I do so thoroughly enjoy reading ya'lls blogs on a daily basis! So thank you both!!!

Now I have to tag a few others with this award.

1. Mary Beth and 2. Misa - I know I'm not suppose to tag you back but like I said, you both make my day when I read the latest on your blogs. Mary Beth, you are the best sister I could ever have. I love that we keep each other motivated in our love of the crafts we do. I am going to catch up to you on the Scrapbook pages by the way.

3. Shameka - Thank you for introducing me to the blogging world. After months of reading yours, I was excited to finally launch mine. You're a great friend that I know I can always count on in life.

4. Lisa - You are the best friend I could have. I was thrilled when you joined the blogging world with us. Hooray for you for picking the task of learning to knit back up this past fall. You've come a long way in these few months and I am very proud of you and what you have accomplished.

5. Kim - If you hadn't spoken to me that day at lunch I never would have had the opportunity to get to know you the way I have. I absolutely love reading your blog because I know I will generally read something to make me laugh my butt off or just simply put a smile on my face. I am glad I can consider you one of my friends. I know you've been tagged but I had to do it again.

6. Paula - You were my SP11 Spoilee and I am thrilled to have been able to experience the Secret Pal adventure with you. I never know what I will find on your blog and I always look forward to the surprise. You are very talented in your craftiness and inspire me to want to working on the sewing machine more. I also love the pictures you post of your doggies and horses.

7. Marsha - You spoiled me rotten in SP11 and I thank you so much. I couldn't believe the amount of things we had in common and am thrilled to consider you a blogging friend. I am proud of you for picking up some of those long ago unfinished knitting objects in your quest to move them to the FO list.

8. Becky (aka Sophanne) - You crack me up all the time. I enjoy going to your blog because I can practically be guaranteed a laugh and get a smile on my face. I love reading about your students with the things that come out of the precious mouths. Your Knit Knight is always an adventure and of course reading about your knitting endeavour's is always interesting. Thanks for putting a smile on my face.

9. Deb (aka Chappysmom) - You are someone that faithfully posts practically every day. I know I can always count on you to provide a wide variety of reading material on your blog and I love it. I enjoy reading about your spinning because I think that one day if I took up spinning maybe I could be half as good at it as you are. I also love all of Chappy's involvement in your blog too!

10. Risa (aka One Crazy Fiber Lady) - As with some of the other blogs I read, you are one that I never really know what I may read on your blog and it's always a nice little surprise when I arrive at your blogs door. I have enjoyed watching all your lovely projects progress, and have even been inspired to knit something for myself after seeing it on your blog. I also have to say that I absolutely love your cats! The pics you post of them always makes me laugh, smile and wish I could have one myself.


  1. Hey Deborah- you make me feel like the popular girl 'cause this is the third or fourth make my day prize I've gotten. Thank you thank you thank you for you kind words!

  2. Thanks! Where else but blogland can we feel so appreciated? (Being sisters notwithstanding ;)

  3. Golly gee whiz! Now I have a serious case of the Warm Fuzzies. Thanks so much for the award!

    I really enjoyed being your upstream SP11. In every swap I do, my main goal is to get to know a fellow knitter. Some participants are chattier than others, but you and I found lots to say to each other! :)

  4. aww, shucks. I never knew blogland was so warm and fuzzy. It's really fun to be a part of it and the read your sweet blog.

  5. Awww, Thanks for the award and exposing me to all the great creative past times that you have introduced me to. You definatly win my award for making my day :o)

  6. Thanks! I am so glad I started talking to you that day! If I hadn't I wouldn't have you as a friend or Shameka or Mary Beth either. If you can, you should come to MDSW. You'll get to meet Ms. Sophanne and Risa and others too. You could hitch a ride with me.

  7. Thank you so much! Which cat do you want? :)