Thursday, February 28, 2008

A New Addition

Look what Mr. UPSman (Mr. Postman's cousin) brought me today? Isn't it lovely?

My mother turned me on to sewing when I was around 14 years old. I still remember the very first outfit her and I made together. It was a sleeveless pull-up pant jumpsuit with a matching shirt to wear underneath. The fabric was sky blue and had what looked like wide brush strokes of different colored paint on it. The shirt was pink. It was a perfect summer outfit. Oh that was so many years ago.

Anyway, one Christmas 22 years ago both Mary Beth and I received our very own sewing machines from mom and dad. I remember I was a little disappointed when I opened it because I had secretly thought it was a stereo system I had been wanting. Well I have treasured my very first White sewing machine for all these years. I have gotten all the use I could possibly get out of that machine.

Last fall my machine finally went caput! I was devastated because I never thought the day would come (btw it came at the worst time, because I had just sat down to hem my girlfriend's pants - which she ended up having to take them to the taylor). I think if I took it in to be serviced it probably could be revived.

I knew I wanted to upgrade my sewing machine over the past few months but was not in a big rush to purchase one. It wasn't a must-have-right-now item. Well, the other day Mary Beth emailed me a site that was carrying this machine and at a fantastic price. MB told me that the White 3100 Computer Style-Maker is actually a discontinued model and this site was one of the only places still selling them. I took one look at the information she sent me. Saw everything it came with in the box (and let me tell you - IT COMES WITH EVERYTHING). Took one look at the price. Immediately proceeded to checkout!!! Two days later I got my package.

I am very excited about my new machine! I can't wait to get sewing again. I have an unfinished Christmas Tree Skirt that I started for myself 13 years ago (something I have made many of as gifts and finally wanted to make one for myself. Uhhh mommy if you are reading this could I possible borrow the Christmas Tree pattern you bought? Mine has gone MIA). My divorce and move to NYC (12 years ago) put all sewing/crafts on the back burner for a very long time. Not anymore! I am back to adding sewing to my crafty repertoire!

Can't wait to start playing with my new toy. I've already leafed through the manual and it does so many things that I can't imagine learning to use it all!


  1. OOOOO! I am sooo excited for you. Wishing you another long loving relationship with your new baby. (I want to come & play/sew with it too.)I am so glad you bought it. I would have. I of course don't need it, but I love sewing machines like some folks love shoes. Only I control myself & only own one. You can now add sewing vicariously with me to the knitting & scrapping.

  2. La La La la la la (fingers in ears- eyes covered-I'm not listening-I'm not reading!) It is so tempting! That is beautiful. Maybe once I learn more patience through knitting I'll have enough to sew again.

  3. Wow...nice new toy! I never learned how to use a sewing machine. I remember my Grandmother had one but I never got a chance to learn. Cool...can't wait to see ur new creations ala sewing machine.

  4. Deb, I am so excited for you. Don't mean to sound stalkerish, but can I just come over and just watch???? I am intrigued. I can't sew, and have always wanted to learn. I don't expect lessons, but I would love to watch. Would you believe that both of my grandmothers knew how to sew very well, and I STILL didn't learn. One of them can't even see to thread the needle anymore.

    I am excited to see what wonderful creations you will come up with. Lovely new toy!!! So, i guess we will be going on Fabric crawls now too, huh? I know a great place in the fashion district that you will fall in love with.

  5. Yeehaw! Love the new sewing machine! I bought something a while ago and now I know it will go to the perfect new home. I wasn't sure why I bought it and now I know. I'll bring it in for you next week. Hey, I'm divorced too!

  6. Congratulations on your new machine! It always takes a little while to bond with a new one but I'm sure you'll be zipping along in no time. I can't believe what a crafty family you guys are.