Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hanging Around

Well I did say the other day that I would be getting some Knitty Thermal knitting action going. After reviewing my list of things to do with my sister on Sunday, I had mentioned working on Thermal. So I couldn't come through, right?

As you can see Thermal is now hanging around on a hanger. I only had three short-rows to work before the 3 needle bind-off. It didn't take me long. I just needed to do it while I was bright eyed and bushy tailed. What I love about it all being attached is that I could try it on. I was very happy with it. This sweater is actually going to fit me nicely. I'm so excited.

Another goal on my Sunday list of "To Do's" was to start the sleeves. Since I didn't have size 2 dpns I decided to use the 2 circ method of knitting them. I am only knitting one sleeve at a time so I am kinda dreading the extra time it will take to knit the second one, but I think it will go pretty fast. I know if I taught myself the Magic Loop method I probably could have done both at the same time. Maybe next time.

This picture is of my sleeve as it stood last night. I actually had about 20 more rows done than what you see here. One thing with the pattern is your kinda on your own in trying to figure out a few things. It doesn't tell you how they want you to continue in the waffle pattern after you increased by 2 stitches. So I did my own thing because the pattern needed to stay straight going up the sleeve. However, when I stopped on Sunday I didn't like how it was looking on the inside of the sleeve. I had 3 purl and 3 knit stitches together. Instead of in 2's. I know that means nothing to ya'll who haven't done this pattern. Anyhoo, I decided I really didn't like it yesterday and frogged those rows. I'm back to square one (almost) and now that I know in my mind how I want to handle the increases and keep the pattern going straight up the arm, I'm sure it will fly on my needles.

BTW, I know many who think the yarn I am using is pink, but it is actually burgundy. I know the flash can make it look pink. I think the picture of the sleeve portrays the real color. At least it does on my computer.


  1. Necessity is the mother of invention, isn't it? Who needs all those silly needles that the pattern calls for, good for you! I can't wait to see this one on you, it's moving along very nicely.

  2. I avoid dpns as much as I can, use Magic Loop for anything, but I still can't seem to do two sleeves at once!

  3. Looking good! It makes total sense to use the 2 circs method. Very odd that the pattern wouldn't tell you how to continue the waffle pattern after increasing. As Dr. Evil said, "Need the info."

  4. Your Knitty Thermal looks great! The color looks closer to the real color too.

  5. Yep. The sleeve pic is an accurate depiction of the deep burgundy of your yarn. Looking good! Thanks for the heads up on the sleeves. I will have to ponder my way through it too. Once again, this seems to be the price we pay for free patterns by everyday knitters out there. We have to earn the "free" part w/ sweat equity. ;-}