Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tripley Good and Some New Yarn Too

1) Knitty Thermal - Isn't it amazing how this has grown over the past couple of weeks? Up until Monday, this was my *bring to work* knitting. As you can see here, I am about 50% done. I am working on the back of Thermal where I will put one set of shoulder stitches on a holder, shape the neck and then work the other shoulder. I am quite pleased how quickly it is knitting up, especially with ALL those stitches. I promise. I won't do the math on how many stitches I have done anymore. Don't want to scare anyone away from knitting this sweater. I will be knitting this again for sure.

2) Peapod Baby Set - No this has not been forgotten. Last Thursday night into Friday, I started and finished these sleeves. I need to seam the shoulders together and pick up the stitches for the collar. After that, it will be seaming the sleeves and attaching them to the body. I have further comments on this project, but I will reserve them for a future post. What? I can't share everything at once. Gotta keep some stuff for the future.

3) Jay Socks - Yup I casted on for another pair of socks Monday while at work. I guess finishing my last pair almost 3 weeks ago was enough time to get some sock mojo back. I actually couldn't wait to start knitting with this Jitterbug yarn, but I was having a hard time deciding what pattern I wanted to do. Well, as you can see, I am just doing a basic stockinette toe-up sock pattern. I feel this is all the beautiful yarn needs. Now I am thinking a sweater in a matching color?

And guess what? I am blog contest winner! When I commented on Kim's blog the other day for her almost 1,000th Comment Contest. I honestly did not think I would win. I mean at least 6 people commented before me and I was just thrilled with the idea of her blog hitting that monumental comment number! I met up with Kim today for lunch and she bestowed upon me a prize of this beautiful, and super soft, sock yarn from Sundara Yarn. The color is French Navy over Topaz. Isn't it yummy?


  1. Oooo, yum yum! I knew about your winning Sundara before you did & I kept it secret for the reveal. It is a very awesome color & congrats on your win. We can now both knit socks from Kim & make her proud. Thermal is looking good. Nice to know it's a qick knit so far...even with the OBSCENE # of stitches thus knitted. I can now officially begin mine & still only have 3 projects on my needles. I plan on starting socks with my Fleece Artist winnings to round out the 4 allowable projects.

  2. It's too bad Collinette doesn't make a worsted weight to match some of their sock yarn colors. A Jay sweater would be gorgeous. Hey, it just occurred to me that now both Klumpp sisters won sock yarn from me! Cool!

  3. Nice yarn, Love the sweater colors. looks good

  4. Your WIPs look great, you are being quite productive.

    Congrats on being the 1000th comment at Kim's blog. Hurrah for pretty prize yarn. :D