Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Peapod Progress

Ah yes, I have been making progress on my Peapod Baby Set. I will have this project done by the end of this month. I really don't have too much more to do as of right now.

Friday morning, after I slept in as late as my body would let me, I decided to pull out my Ott-Lite and seam up the shoulders and sleeves of the sweater. While I could have attached the sleeves to the body, I chose not to. I just didn't feel all that ambitous to seam those tiny sleeves to the body.

Then by sometime on Saturday, can't really remember the time of day whether it was morning or night, I tackled the picking up of collar stitches. 58 stitches wasn't all that bad right? Well it only took me two tries to get it the way I liked it. While the collar is complete in this picture, you obviously see I didn't tackle those sleeves yet.
So what else could I do but get on with attaching the sleeves? Hehe I decided to go ahead and knock the hat out. I casted-on for the hat on Saturday night and by mid Sunday morning I complete up through the leaf lace pattern. Just have a few more rows to do and then I guess I will not be able to put off the sleeves any longer.

Hope to have a picture of a completed ensemble soon!


  1. You are such an avoider! LOL! At least your yarn color is easier to see. My set was so dark I decided it was like seaming it blind. The set is looking good. The baby will be so handsome in it.

  2. I know I am an avoider! LOL It didn't really help when I read your blog stating just how much fun it was to attack (I mean attach) those sleeves. I'm putting it off until the last minute.

  3. Forget about the sleeves and make it a vest. Sleeves are my least favorite thing to seam and you know I don't like seaming. You are almost done ! Keep going!

  4. that is so cute.I try ro avoid seams as much as I can.