Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Paid FO

As promised yesterday, even though I didn't promise it would be today, here is my first 2008 FO! This is the Koolhass Hat from Interweave Knits Gifts Holiday 2007 issue. I had attempted to knit this hat back in December as a Christmas gift, with a different yarn of course, and had a really tough time knitting it even though it is a relatively easy cable pattern hat. I actually ripped out the hat 3 times before I said, "Forget It" and knitted a different hat with the yarn.

But alas, it is a new year and I have conquered this hat pattern! I started it on January 3rd and finished on January 9th. The yarn used was Berroco Comfort, color #9761, and not even 1 full skein. The ribbing is done on size 6 needles and the body of the hat is done on size 8.

So did ya'll notice that the title of this post? That's right. I got paid to knit this hat. I have to admit it wasn't much but it was a start since this is my first ever paid knitting project. A co-worker of mine saw me knitting this hat back in December and asked me how much I would charge to make one for him. I didn't know, but eventually threw a dollar amount out at him and he said, "Ok. I want one." Of course I thought he was joking, because so many people ask me to knit them something and they want it for free. When I realized he was definitely serious, I was down for the assignment. I was even paid in advance!

He received the hat today and was thrilled to get it. I took a couple pictures of him wearing it, but he didn't want his face in the pictures. So here is a top down and front view shot of the hat with me blurring out his face. I am really pleased with how it turned out. I will definitely knit this hat again!

Now, I have another person who wants me to knit a scarf and gloves for her. We'll see what happens.


  1. I love this hat! The name of it serves it well. It is a Koolhaas Great job! You never know where this first paid job will lead you. You might as well get paid for all your hard work.

  2. It's like validation when you earn a little $ for your craft. Knitting is personally rewarding, but it's hard work sometimes to. Someone recognizing it, & being willing to pay you for it, makes knitting really real. I wonder if the man whom the hat is named for really pronounces his name? We all seem to be mentally pronouncing it the way it looks, but I bet ya it's slightly inflected to NOT sound the way we think. LOL!

  3. Forgot to tell you what I think of the hat...yowza! I love the pattern, color, & how intricate it looks. Very good.

  4. I am in love with that pattern. Yours turned out great. Cha-ching!

  5. Hey there, craftivore here. I felt I had to go on over a have a look see since you stopped by my virgin blog and were kind enough to be numero uno poster. I loove that hat and have been tempted to knit it too. Yours is beautiful, that's one lucky co-worker.