Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Headline News!

I am stash busting! By only 1 skein, but hey it's a start.

Some of you know I have been wanting to knit the Stitch 'n Bitch Nation Cabled Newsboy Cap for some time now. For the longest time I really didn't know what yarn I wanted to use. Well over the weekend, while I was working on my Knitty Thermal, I realized I had a skein of yarn in my stash that matched the Thermal color perfectly. Awesome!

This skein of Patons Classic Wool has been in my stash for probably three years now. It's leftover from a year I knitted Christmas gifts for the family. The pattern calls for 200 yards of worsted yarn, and even though I have used some of the yarn from this skein, I should have plently because 1 skein is 223 yards.

Yesterday my friend Lisa came over and I showed her the pattern. Now she is going to make it too. She is a beginner knitter and I thought this hat was the perfect pattern to teach her how to do cables and picking up stitches.

I started the hat this morning at work and made a lot more progress that I thought I would. I have started to shape the top of the hat with decreases. I imagine I will have this done in no time. Very easily a quick weekend project!


  1. I like this hat. I have it tagged in the book as a possibility. Can't wait to see it done & on you to help me make up my mind. It's going to be a quick knit, I see. Cool that it will match the thermal. I love coordinating peices. Awesome to be stash busting so early in the year.

  2. Wow, I can't believe your almost done with the hat. You are a fast knitter. I guess you will be done by friday huh? Well, I did start last night eventhough I felt a head cold coming on. I did as much as I could before the medication knocked me out for the night. The 1 inch is almost complete. One or two more rounds and I should be done and ready for your assistance on Friday.

  3. holy moley, you are fast. It looks like it will be very cute. three cheers for stash busting!

  4. Hip Hip Hip Hop for stash busting!

    Lisa you'll be very happy that I have gotten as far as I have because I found a mistake in the pattern that's not even in the book corrections.

    And yes, this is a very fast knit! I just finished the hat, minus the brim of course!

  5. The hat sure looked nice at lunch yesterday. I did some 1 skein stash busting over the weekend and knit a washcloth for a charity that Midwest Knitgirl is helping out with. I haven't have blogged the uber-exciting washcloth yet. That's one less skein in the stash. Ihad some cotton leftover from the washcloth and I chucked it in the fireplace. Burn baby burn!

  6. Whooohoo Kim! I guess we should never say never! I can't believe you burned a remnant like that. You little she-devil you(...snickering.)

  7. The newsboy cap is a fun pattern. I made one a few years ago. Kim said that you've been doing online weight watchers. I've been thinking about joining up and was wondering what you thought about it.

  8. Michelle - Thanks for visiting my blog. I had fun knitting this hat too. Easy pattern.

    I did join online weight watchers two weeks ago. I love it. I am doing the points system. This allows you to eat what you want and it keeps track of everything for you. You are given an allotment of points for each day. Plus you can earn activity points for each day to cash in for food points. So far I have lost 4 pounds.

    What is great about this system is that it really put in perspective of what I really wanted or didn't want to put into my body. It also helped with recognizing what a correct portion size is. I am thrilled I have joined. I never had issues with exercising. It was all about proper nutrition for me.

    I highly recommned joining if you are ready to get in great shape!