Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Chevron FO

Yes folks, that is correct. I have another FO to add to my list. Friday night I decided to complete the last inch of my Chevron Scarf. I had wanted to start the Left Front on my Ribby Cardi that night and needed my size 5 needles to do the ribbing. So instead of "borrowing" the needles from Chevron, I just sucked it up and finished her off. So here she is all wrapped up amongst herself. She's being a little camera shy. I honestly don't blame her though. I would hide too if I were a little warped. She just needs a good steam bath that's all. Hopefully she'll be ready to show her beautiful colors in a few days!

On Sunday, I had paid a little visit to JoAnne Crafts out on Long Island. As you can see from this picture I have picked out the buttons I will be needing for my Knitty Thermal. The pic doesn't really do the buttons justice. They have a bit of shimmer and really pick up the color of my Gloss yarn just beautifully. While I won't be starting this until I finish my Ribby, I am just happy I have all the things I need for it now.

I just finished the Left Front of my Ribby tonight and will be casting on for the Right Front later. Looks like I will be in sleeve island by Friday!!!


  1. Woohoo! I'm first. Chevron looks great! My poor Chevron is neglected and very far from FO. Ribby seems to be zipping by.

  2. I would have been 1st, but blogger errored my messege twice at 11pm. I gave up. Can't wait until Chevron gets her block therapy. Psychotic knitting is never allowed to remain. Immediate intervention will cure all. Stop knitting so the rest of us can catch up, will ya!