Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oh Ribby Where Art Thou?

I am so thrilled that I returned the Terra Cotta yarn to Knit Picks and picked up the Sea Spray colorway. Here are my Ribby Sleeves as they have stood since last weekend. I am finding that knitting these sleeves seem to be taking forever. When I did CPH's sleeves I felt like they whipped up in a jiffy. Maybe because it's just straight stockinette instead of *fancy* cable work? Oh yeah, that reminds me that I decided to only rib the cuffs on my Ribby. I didn't really like the ribbing going all the way up the sleeve. I wanted it to look more like a jersey I guess or maybe it's just the thought of the ribbing sleeves clinging to my arms?!?! Hmmmm.

Anyway, I have decided that by the end of this weekend the sleeves WILL be done. I really want to have everything done (with the exception of the zipper) on Ribby by the time I fly to SC for Christmas. What? That gives me 20 days.

I believe I am now up to date with showing off my knitting projects. Off to knit land! BTW, there are still 2 spots left in my PIF.


  1. Sea Spray is truly a great color. You are about as far on these sleeves as I am on my CPH ones. Stockinette always seems slower because your mind doesn't have any visual clues to tell how far along you really are. You can cont. count pattern repeats as you work cables or lace & it it's like, "Oh wow! I just finished another set. Woohoo!"

  2. I agree with Mary Beth that plain sleeves seem togo slower due to the lack of visual clues. But on the plus side, you knit and knit and knit with no visible progress, and keep knitting and then suddenly you're done. So, why hasn't Shameka signed up for you PIF?

  3. It's Kim, I'm not anonymous!