Saturday, November 24, 2007

My Winnings!

Ya'll remember when I won Becky's "New Puppy Advice" contest? Well I recieved the amazing yarn from her stash on Wednesday. After I won, she let me choose which color I wanted. As soon as I saw the "Midnight" blue yarn I knew it was my choice. Ya know, the blue will just bring the blue out in my eyes more and, of course, I thought it would go really well with a nice pair of blue jeans.

So here is my question to you all. I have 10 skeins of this beautiful Rowanspun 4 ply yarn. I have a total of 1620 yards. The gauge is 26-28sts/38-40 rows over 4 inches on size 3 needles. What should I knit with it? I have no idea. I am open to any and all suggestions. Until then, it will marinate happily with all my other yummy yarns.

Thanks again Becky!


  1. So I had a contest not so long ago requesting the very same information. Check out the comments here.

    I wasn't yet on Ravelry at the time.

    I still have purple and squirrel as well as a green sort of thing. What was I thinking????

    If all else fails, it makes a great contest prize! : )

  2. Oh no I am going to keep this yarn for sure! :-) I definitely want to knit with it. I'll have to check out Ravelry and see what others have done with it. Thanks again Becky!

  3. Hmmm someone on Ravelry are using this to make the Knitty Thermal. I have enough yarn to make it. I already bought Knit Picks gloss yarn to make this but I can always have 2!

  4. It's such a peculiar gauge/weight. Not quite sock/lace too thin to be DK. They say it's discontinued. I don't know if you plowed through all of the contest comments but a couple people really loved it for lace. I don't see it though.

    Mines been marinating for over a year now- I'm thinking some fair isle with the remaining colors. I love Eunny's endpaper mitts

  5. Ravelry to the rescue! That is some lovely yarn.