Wednesday, November 28, 2007

So Warm

If you look at this picture you would think that the Provence Throw was done. Actually it isn't, but I wanted to show you all how the progress was looking. I am actually only 4" away from starting, and completing, the last 4 rows of the border. I am so excited. This will be the first blanket that I have completed. Doesn't it look toasty warm? Now that the weather has gotten cooler I have relished working on this baby because it keeps me warm while I knit on it. I believe I will be "Weaving In Ends" land this weekend. I know the person that is receiving this as a Christmas present will love it! BTW, isn't it funny how this is the only Christmas Knitting I am letting ya'll see?


  1. OOO! It's soooo pretty! I want to cuddle up in it. Lucky giftee doesn't read knitting blogs since this gift is online. Why don't you show a gift one of us will be getting, hmm??? Oh, right. We've all been placed on your naughty list.

  2. Blankie! Blankie! Is the recipient not old enough to read so it's safe to post about it?