Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rhinebeck Peeps- Part II

Today I am home sick. Ugh. I think it's from the Rhinebeck cold weater, lack of sleep, too much dry heat, non-nutritional food consumption (chocolate creme brulee, maple peanut brittle, maple cotton candy, dip/cheese sampling, hot pretzel...mmmm and all very yummy), etc. etc. So needless to say, my brain is not really functioning for a creative and witty written post (not sure if it ever is), but I wanted to share what few photos I have of my fellow knitting friends (some old and some new).

Shameka and I chilling on a bench waiting to head over to the Ravelry meet-up.

My new friend Yvonne and myself waiting for the Sheep Cheese Demonstration to commence.

Kim hanging out on the other side of me.

New friends Michelle, Sophia (blogless) and Misa!

Finally there was a request for a picture of me modeling my Rhinebeck sweater. Angie, even though I dislike this picture of myself, this is for you!

I will have one more post to wrap up my Rhinebeck adventure!


  1. Everyone looks so cold yet very happy. Yarn fume highs cover up all bodily discomforts. The top-down cardi is bee-You-ti-ful!

  2. That sucks that you're home sick. More time to spindle maybe? I'm still pretty tired from the weekend too. But the chocolate creme brulee was really good over the weekend! The sweater looks good. Glad you shared the picture even though you didn't like it. :-)

  3. You look so happy! Thank you for the modeled sweater shot, the sweater looks good on you. I like the shoulder color scheme. I know it is hard to like every photo....I'm glad you decided to share this one.

  4. Awwwww.. we look so cute enjoying the yarn goodness. Sheesh it was cold. Next year, I am definately making a sweater/hat/gloves/socks combo. I am so sorry to hear that you are sick. Feel better sweetie. Well, I hope you are not too sick to knit. That Simple Knitted Bodice is calling your name.

  5. Oh the happy memories! But I must say my head look gigantic in that first picture! :) I hope you feel better and aren't too sick to knit.

  6. Chocolate creme brulee?