Monday, October 20, 2008

Rhinebeck Exhaustion - Part I

WARNING - Heavy Picture Post

I am no longer a Rhinebeck Virgin after this past weekend! I now understand why everyone goes crazy over fiber festivals. What can I say? How about, "Wow!". I came back totally exhausted, happy to be in my own bed and with goodies that I think is a respectable size considering this was my first adventure. I went with a list of certain things that I wanted. I got those and then a few little extras. I remained within my cash budget and went home with $31 in my pocket.

So here is my haul. It all fits so nicely in these few bags.

Now here is my haul all spread out on the table. Not bad, right? I believe being out amongst all the fall colors I tended to fall in love with them in my fiber choices. Of course there is one exception with the blue yarn.

1) Brooks Farm - Mas Acero (3 skeins - 400yds ea.); SW Wool Silk Viscose. This will become either Sahara or Simple Knitted Bodice.

2) Blue Moon Fiber Arts - STR Lightweight; Colorway-Gingerbread Dudette. The Fold was the first stop that we made. Oh My Gosh! It was crazy!!!! I had to stand in line just to get close enough to see the colors and make my choices while hands were grabbing all around me. Then I had to stand in another long line to pay. I was very self controlled with the amount I purchased here.

3) Persimmon Tree Farm - "Pot Luck" Yarn (250yds); Colorway J5; Mohair/Wool. This yarn was one of those little extra purchases. I saw the colors. Fell in love. Thought I would make a scarf, cowl or hat. Not sure yet.

4) Malabrigo Silky Merino - Colorway Viena (478) 150 yds. Another extra purchase and couldn't pass up for $10! This will become a cowl.

5) Shelridge Farm - Soft Touch DKW; Colorway - Navy; 250 yds. This is the only yarn in the non-fall category. Trust me though, the original color in my hand was a fall color but I made myself put it back. This yarn will become Brooklyn Tweeds Porom.

6) Golding RingSpindles - I purchased one of their "Learn to Spin Kits". This is something I definitely wanted to purchase at Rhinebeck. I spent the first day looking at all the spindle choices. My last purchase on day 2 was this one. The book included in this kit really spells everything out for a beginner. I am excited to give it a try.

Here's a closeup of the spindle. Isn't it gorgeous? They had so many on display and each one was beautiful.

7) Food Purchases - I bought a bag of Maple Cotton Candy (de-li-cious), Maple Sugar to make this creamcheese dip that we couldn't get enough when sampling and a bag of Maple Peanut Brittle (I don't care for nuts but this was a little taste of heaven to me). I also bought some Mint Cholocate Fudge.

8) Smell good purchases - I picked up two body sprays from Merriweathers and 4 different soaps from

9) Finally reading material. On day two Misa showed me this magazine and the sample of the cover scarf that was on display. She wanted my opinion if I thought this was a scary lace knit. I assured her that this was not scary and that as a first lace project she would be fine. I however could not walk away from the booth without purchasing the magazine so maybe one day I could make my own. Of course I had my enabler next to me saying, "It's only $6."

So that's my haul from Rhinebeck. My next post will contain all the pics from those I met and the sights I saw including the Ravelry party!


  1. What a haul! It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I love how you already have projects in mind for all of that yarn--can't wait to see how they turn out!

  2. I remember seeing the fudge and I knew better than to buy any. I bet the mint is excellent! That's what I was going to get. I got some really nice yarn. You're brave to have gotten the STR. The color is so cute!

  3. All I have to say is, "Wow!" Your stuck to your planned list well. I am not surprised by the little food treats (don't we always get some while sightseeing?)You only got a couple of unplanned skeins of yarn & I admire the control to come away with money at the end...and not just pennies, lol! The spindle looks like chocolate candies in a gold dish. Very pretty.

  4. It was great to finally meet you. And, what a great haul! Thrilled to see the Spinning Bug bite, too....

  5. That macero is the same color I'm using for Wicked!!! I was so happy to meet you and loved hanging out with you all weekend!!!

  6. That's some pretty good yarn pron. Good on you for sticking to your budget and still getting such great stuff even with enablers hanging around. It was so so great to meet you and thank you so much for sharing your hotel room. I feel like to have blogger friends that are becoming real friends.

  7. Excellent haul! It was great hanging with you for most of the weekend. I bought so much yarn but hey, Rhinebeck is like Christmas for the knitter.