Monday, October 27, 2008

Knitting With Rhinebeck Goodies

The question of the day is - How many days went by before I couldn't resist knitting with Rhinebeck yarn? Answer: One whole day after I returned home. To my credit I did finish the Leaves of Grass socks before starting with the new yarn.

I am knitting
Porom by Brooklyn Tweed with the Shelridge Farm Soft Touch DKW yarn. Mr. Flood recommended a 3-ply DK yarn for the pattern. I bought a 4-ply DK yarn. I understand why a lighter weight DK yarn is used. It helps with the drape of the slouch in the hat. A heavier yarn would not result in a good slouch or any slouch at all.

So isn't this blue gorgeous? I'm only wishing that I had bought enough to make a scarf and mitts. LOL That's ok. I don't need to be all matchy matchy.

I've actually made more progress than this picture shows. I worked on it more today and probably have about 5% more to do. Will be an FO very soon. Watch out for it!


  1. Glad you jumped into the stash. I've been wondering myself what the proper marinating time is for festival yarn. Do I have to stretch out my purchases until the next MDSW?

    that blue is luscious

  2. Lol...I just started that hat too with some yarn I bought from Rhinebeck. Love that color!

  3. I think you need to go order more to make a scarf & mitts. I like the matchy matchy for winter accessories. ;*)