Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Porom Love

Told you Porom would be an FO very soon! I have to say that I really love this hat. The pattern is simple to knit but yet looks complex. There is just enough *slouch* for my personal taste. The yarn was wonderful to work with and makes a beautiful fabric. Here's my self portaits. Better than the ol' couch showing it off, eh?

Pattern: Porom by Brooklyn Tweed

Yarn: Shelridge Farm Soft Touch DKW (Used approximately under 200 yds out of 250)
Needles: Size 6 & 8 16" Circs; Size 8 dpn's
Started: October 21st
Finished: October 28th (only 3 days of knitting)

Got another good one for ya next time!


  1. Very cute! There are so many beret patterns out there right now and I think y'all are wearing me down. :-)

  2. Ok. Must knit Porom. I hate that I'm such a lemming.

  3. Very cute beret and it looks super on you!

  4. The beret is beautiful! Just wish the blue matched your eyes a little more.Just kidding,they are a purrrrfect match, wow how did ya do that??

  5. This looks absolutely gorgeous, as I have told you before. It makes your blue eyes sparkle. I won't be such a lemming. I will make a different beret. LOL!!

  6. Love it and the yarn matches your eyeballs! Gorgeous! So why weren't you wearing it today when I saw you?

  7. Whoa, that was fast and looks adorable. The last thing I bought before I left Rhinebeck was some Shelridge too! I think it might turn into a cowl.