Monday, September 8, 2008

Hay is for Horses

Imagine you are driving along some country rodes. You are amongst nature and all it's glory. The roads you are roaming around on are all dirt and gravel, barely enough room for two cars to pass side by side - in some places impossible. Then all of sudden you see this...

This beauty looked right at me and decided she would pose...

Isn't this stud a handsome one?

Over Labor Day I went back to Indiana to spend my four day weekend. We did alot of driving around and on Sunday afternoon we were touring a place called Crosley's. This is a huge amount of land that many go to hunt and fish.

You should have heard me when I suddenly spotted these horses. They were the last thing I expected to see. You could literally reach out and touch these beauties. These horses belong to the Christian Horse Farm in the area.

I had another great trip and as always time flies way too fast when you are enjoying yourself. I did manage to get some running in on this trip. I ran my friends challenging 8.5 mile Crosley Loop. A good portion of this run is trail running in the woods with some serious hills. I mean hills that you are running up but are so steep you feel like you are barely walking up them. The last few miles are along the highway and again major hill climbing. Let me tell you, I was very happy to see the finish line inside the county park. This was extremely challenging! I finished in 1 hour 40 minutes and have been only the 7th person to have successfully run this loop. I felt very empowered.


  1. OOOO! Pretty pictures to scrapbook! (Umm, what is that now? I seem to be fuzzy.) Sounds like that run would have left me dead or with no knee cartilage. Cool that you were one of the few to meet the challenge.

  2. Oh, very nice! 1:40?? You kick my butt, girl!!

  3. Lucky #7! congrats! Christian Horse Farm? Do the horse go to church and worship Jesus? The horses are very purty. What a face on that white horse. So expressive.

  4. What a great run you had! Challenging, inspiring and interesting. he pictures of the horses are unbelievable. Lucky you!!

  5. I'm NOT writing about the horses. LOL!!! I am glad you got to get away from the big city, and I am glad that you got a chance to run in the nice, fresh air. LOL!!